20 Feb 2016

forge world transfers

SonFW finally released the House Makabius transfers that I have been waiting for.

Why that house?  Well as they prepared and mustered to join the emperors crusade at the side of Horis.  Imagine to their surprise when Mortarian of the Death Guard turned up, kidnapped the head of the House and then secured the venerable house to support the Death Guard.  Of course as he left he virus bombed the planet to express his thanks.  

And they sport the croased hammers and as a born and bred West Ham supporter that is most excellent 

So here it is with some additional markings to express their loyalty to the Plague Marines 


Eddy Artillery said...

The transfers really complete this mate.

The stark White & Grey colour scheme looks great and you've pulled it off really well.

Even better now you've weathered the gun....;-)

BFG said...
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