22 Feb 2016

Forgeworld Iron Hands

Last night I started on the Forgeworld marines I have for my Iron Hands. I've not been able to finish off the Anvil ones just yet as I'm waiting on the arrival of some Micro-sol to help with some naughty transfers that just will not lie down!

In the mean time I've begun to put the first coat of red on some more marine infantry. I'm liking how they are coming along so far.

I do have a quandary in that I don't know what to do with the shoulder reliefs. Should I leave them as they are in the gold to match the rest of the metal? Do them Iron/Silver colour? Or paint them white to match the white transfers that the Anvil Marines are sporting. Hmmm choices choices.



Rog said...

Very impressive!

Eddy Artillery said...

Thank you!
I'm pretty pleased how they are turning out so far. Hopefully the Army painter dip and Matt varnish will dull down the shininess of the metallic areas a bit more.

BFG said...

It looks great mate

Silverback said...

I love your colour scheme!