10 Feb 2016

Damn! I got paint on my figure!

After a couple of years it's been interesting to pick up a brush and start painting my test Skitarri Vanguard. I'd completely forgotten how many decisions there are when starting a new army!

The following pictures show very much a wip paint scheme. 
Essentially the army has to tie in to my Khorne army paint scheme whilst also remaining true to a Mechanicus paint scheme for Stygies VIII. This is where the limited palette of reds, silvers and blacks come in. 

The main colour is black for Stygies and I've then given the cloak a couple of washes with Nuln Oil to give a more jaded look. The armour was Khorne Red but I didn't like it so then opted for Leadbelcher to match the bionic limbs: this will then be washed with Sepia and Crimson to bring out a dark rust look which will then match my Khorne army.

The cloth under suit was the one thing that I painted last night and then spent all day considering it because something wasn't sitting right. Last night the trousers and gloves were dark grey (Fang) and tonight they are Khorne Red. I realised today that grey is a blue based colour which of course is on the wrong colour wheel for the warm reds. That's why it was jarring. Honest. 

The Radium carbine has a red/orange power source that will differentiate it from my Plasma (green) and Arc (blue) weapons.

And the annoying joins on either side of the cloak are not that obvious at the usual table top height in normal lighting: they are a pain in the backside though... :)

Need to finish this now, complete some highlighting and washing before I sit back and decide more changes are needed!!


Eddy Artillery said...

The scheme looks good mate!

I really like the detailing on the gun.

JamieM said...

Look at you and your colour wheel!

Looks grand and looks like a scheme you can repeat across an army sensibly too, which is always important to keep the momentum up.