22 Oct 2008

9 Days to Go - an update

So gentlemen and fellow GOGgers - where are we now:
  • Silverback and the Silverfox have turned silver into Gold and finished their 250pts

  • VSM has made a decision

  • The GOG with no name and the BFG have assembled some troops

  • Eddie Artillery is a drop short with no news, no updates and no real excuse apart from reading some boring books.

So with one eye on the countdown, come on you GOGs let's have some updates on where you are with your monthly requirements.

Anyone falling at the first hurdle will be subjected to ridicule and derision - well apart from Jamie who is hosting us on the 29th!!


Von said...

Gosh is it only 9 days? I've been so relaxed with nothing to paint the last few days I'd actually lost count.

Eddy Artillery said...

As of last night I have two full marine squads & a marine commander finished except for the basing which will be done at the weekend - expect some piccies on Monday!!

Two squads and a commander will actually put me in at 440+ points giving me a headstart for later months - so there! ;-)

Silverback said...


Surely stuff painted in one month can not be carried over into a second month.

So there Mr Cocky Git!!

Von said...

erm yes it can provided it's not put forward as part of this month's painting/competition/gamer thingy. And don't call me Shirley.

So Eddy will put down his 250 for October and keep the 190 in reserve for later months when he can whip it out and surprise us all.

Personally I've done 340 points. Are you telling us that you've only done 250? Deary me; slightly behind there aren't you Mr.Back? :-)

Silverback said...

Damn Right I did as close to 250 as I could get!

Right that unit of Nob Bikes and Wazzadakka is getting done next month - that gets me through to January!!!

JamieM said...

Damn right it's cheating. I shall mostly be painting 250 per month to stay in the spirit of it and all that. Having said that, I don't even have my first 250 done yet so I am a little biased ;)

They are all based & assembled though, and the celestians have base coats, which is excellent news so I have at least an outside chance of getting them finished!