31 Oct 2008

The Gog with No Name dives for the finishing line!

Rolling in with 3 hours and 27 minutes to go here are Octobers figures. One Chaos Marine unit exactly 250 points if you ignore the Nurgle Icon. They do look a bit shiney as I have not spray varnished them yet (I like to make sure it's not too cold as the varnish can create a dusting effect at the wrong temerature / humidity).


Von said...

Lovely. Splendid work there Mr.No Name Sir!

Nicely dived over the line.

So that leaves VariStat then...

Silverback said...

No Name

These are excellent and the look is very good, I agree about the shiny-factor and they will look better once they are dulled down a bit. If you are unsure of the spray may I suggest using watered down washes - which dry matte.

Looking good!

JamieM said...

Some jolly nice looking followers of the plague god their sir.

Agreed on the dulling down thereof as they'll look spiffing then.