16 Oct 2008

Mission Statement

Okay.....gauntlet picked up.....I am going to get my 250 pts of SL done over this weekend. Piccies and all!

Shouldn't be too hard....I have the dip after all!

Let's see...where did I put that can of Grey uniform spray?


Silverback said...

Shouldn't be too hard..... let's see how you get on - 250 is a lot of guardsmen.

Mind you I am willing you on - just so you can mock the VSM more for being sooooo slack

Von said...

Absolutely. Good luck with the dip (always picture of Roger Rabbit whenever someone mentions dip; probably need professional help).

VSM is still in army decision mode I believe. I'm sure by April next year he'll be sorted...

BFG said...

I have the first 250 put together, it's a Platoon, so not too bad 25 Figs.
I'll let you know how long it takes me!!

BFG said...
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BFG said...

I have 3 Hvy Bolters and 2 GL's included in this though!

Silverback said...

3 Hvy Bolters and 2 GL?
Grim Leapers?
Gay Lords?
Gimp Launchers?
aahhh Grenade Launchers - must be a friday that took me a while.