4 Oct 2008

Steeeeel, Leeeeegion, uber alle!

Well here is my very first post.....ever, I have decided on the challenge of an Imperial Guard army for my tale of 6 Gamers.

I have over the years collected a wide variety of Imperial Guard figures, huge amounts of the original Rogue Trader guard, Squats doubling up as Guard, Mordian/Praetorian, finally settling on the Steel Legion range of figures......mainly because they are the largest of my "shiny" figures collection and in no small part, because of my love of the figures and the association with some of the best German figures of WWII.

I think that with Ed 5 the troops certainly have it, while the numbers will also help, however part of me always believes in a mixed combination of Elite/Fast attack and Heavy support will also win out.

Be prepared to see changes along the way....I lke the idea of some characters, Schaeffer for example, Nork Deddog, and of course Ibrahim Gaunt....not that the latter has induced me to make my Steel Legion drop troops with light infantry doctrines...oh no! Just unashanedly attaching him to the 50 conscripts I thought of putting in!!!!! 50 Fearless guardsmen for just 200 pts appeals to my darker side, while the idea of Ratling snipers, rough riders and especially Ogryn really appeal!!

Still this just my hypothesis at the mo' I am aiming to follow my list at the mo'

The list will look something like this - all units will have Chem inhalers and Sharpshooter where I can. There will be one squad of Xeno hunters as well, probably Ork.

HQ - Senior Officer and special wpns team plus Lascannon

Troops - 3 platoons all with combinations of Hvy Bolter and Gren Launchers in each squad

Hvy Support - 2 squads - 1st with 3 Miss Launch and 3 Lascannon

2nd with 2x3 Miss. Launch

I figure this will provide me with the Tank Killing and anti Horder that I need!

Whaddaya think...all feedback in a polite and succinct format please ;-)


Silverback said...

Nice idea, I think Lehman Russ are more survivable than they ever were and the option to fire more weapons, more accurately always works. Having minor gun platoons at the front to give instant cover saves to all behind will also help. As will the non consolidation into combat.

With the new codex wrecking possible ideas, I think this is the best way to go at the moment

Silverback said...

I just had another thought. If you had the Lehman Russ Executioner with the plasma cannon on - less scatter more hits - plus the lascannon and 2 heavy bolters, that is a great amount of fire power and a marine killing machine.

More survivable now. I would say almost a must

BFG said...

Cool, thanks for the feedback mate, only trouble will be conving one of the Tigers to take this....may have to get some tips from Eddie Art