31 Oct 2008

The Guard rolls on!!

Okay Boys here is the progress report, my first 250 pts of Steel Legion Imperial. I have gone for a standard Platoon with 2 squads and a Command squad.

I used the Army Painter uniform grey as my primer.

The first squad then received a healthy coat of Army Painter Super Light Shade.

After some highlighting and finer detail they are ready to go......just in the nick of time!! Now all I need to do is win a game with them!!!

I painted some of my anti-tank unit at the same time while undercoating, more of this unit next month.


Von said...

And over the hurdle he vaults!

Nice one BFG - looking good there. Winning? What is this winning you speak of? I thought Eddy was the only one of us who is winning these days??

Silverback said...

Loving the look of the gey uniforms and the setup of the heavy weapon teams.

I am sure they will look better once you have finished the basing :p

Von said...

He said "gey" uniforms **snigger**

Silverback said...

About right for the BFG's uniforms.

387th "The Dandies" Battalion