11 Oct 2008

Daemonic 250 weekend

So a quick update as I prepare the paint brushes for the weekend. The Bloodletters are pretty much done; only the bases to go. I've worked out the basing technique for this army and will be attacking it later tomorrow. I'd do it today but having worked it all out I suddenly found out my Dark Flesh paint had dried up (old style paint pot). Bum. So have to pop out tomorrow to get some - so will be forced into buying the new Marine Codex at the same time!

Now onto the Flamers. I'm using the ones from my Tzeentch Army but am completely re-painting them. I've decided that each Chaos God should have a base colour (and I'm sticking fairly close to GW standard for once):

Khorne - Red (yes, fancy that!)
Slaanesh - Purple
Nurgle - Green
Tzeentch - Blue
Undivided - Whatever we fancy...

So the Flamers will be based with Mordian Blue and then... well actually I don't know after that. Shall have to make it up as I go along!! I think it works out to 11 models in my first 250 points; which looks like we'll be seriously outnumbered by the Back's Orks already.


Silverback said...

Go Nick!

You had better make a good job of them - everyone thinks your painting and army will be the best!!

Von said...

All right! Who changed their mind?! 4 votes???? That's us finished then; never good to be the favourites!

Buggery do.

Silverback said...

I have no idea who changed their minds - it only seems to be you and me on this blog anyway - and I voted for you originally!

Von said...

Very true; but then everyone else is probably hard at work painting their 250 whilst you're sat with your feet up and I should be finished before next weekend.

Of course Varistat is probably still deciding on which army to do...

Silverback said...

Sat with my feet up.

I have been reading the BolS blog about Ork armies and the battlewagons sound tempting so I might have alterations coming. I have also been basing my Orks and assembling, undercoating and basing 60+ romans, ready to paint and dip.

I have also been sketching pirate plans for terrain and boats.

JamieM said...

I'm here too! Just don't feel like i can join in without an army... I'm like the tin man without his heart. Battlewagons?!?!? Oh lord, save us from the maximised ork armies of BoLS bloggers!