3 Oct 2008

How the west was won......

.....is a question that has now been answered!

Quite clearly it only took the eight strong 'Poussay' Posse to kick all those naughty cow pokes into shape!

Game one vs The Silverbacks gang of Lawmen.

With a quick advance up the main street, the ladies quickly began picking off the opposition. Sadly Mary McCarthy had neglected to bring her hand bag and when the longjohn clad sherriff of Wapletown charged at her she was laidout by the ungallant Sherriff! Thankfully she was the only one of the plucky ladies to suffer at the hands of the unwashed thugs and made a swift recovery.

Bring their greater numbers to bear on the remains ruffians the sisters of Blancsville quicky run them outta town! Despite their success all of the lawmen escaped with their lives but the brave ladies of justice will always keep one eye out for the man they call Beadle.

After collecting their pay for a job well done the ladies were brushing themselves off when they received news that trouble was rolling into town.......

...Game Two vs VariStatMans bean-swilling gang of cattle botherers!

The ladies were full of bluster until the recently promoted Miss Lilly was clipped by a long shot from one of the towns new arrivals. With their friend down the rest rallied and in a blur of sixgun cocking action, Sherriff Jane Earp started to even the score. The cowboys brought the weight of their arms to bear but local knowledge and crap rolling by the VSM denied them any real progress.

Another flurry of fire ended the newcomers attempt to seize the town and brought another round of bonuses for the lucky ladies of the law. The discovery of an unattended ranch confirmed the reports that several of the gang had died of their wounds and the rest had fled over the border to avoid the long arm of the Law. The O'Shaunessy boys names have been circulated between the sherrifs offices so it would be a true act of foolishness for them to return!



BFG said...

Good job your Pussy got out of Dodge before the Law Dogs turned up. One wound for seven of the Silver Fox renegade apache Posse.

We are throwin down the gauntlet dude....fill your purse you daughter of a male dog!!

Silverback said...

With a performance of anger and violence towards the male players, it should indicate that Nathans Posse will play like girls for the rest of the month!!