5 Oct 2008

I now have a Degree in Engineering & Assembly

Well it has taken me just short of 3 hours solid work, but I have assembled the first of the new Ork Trukks. At several points I had to disregard the instructions and look at pics on the web to make it work. A very labouring intensive model to assemble and thank god I haven't got to assemble any more..... what do you mean I have put three in my army!

So I have assembled nearly 250 pts today (1 bike short) and will get them sprayed soon. Being disciplined with myself not to convert the pirate ship/create pirate scenery or convert my Orky plane until I have 250 painted in the bag.

Come on you slackers - jump to it!!

1 comment:

Professor Morbus said...

Slacking!! Pah! I glued an arm onto a chaos marine last night I'll have you know....