8 Oct 2008

All painting targets hit.... Daemons? Don't be silly!

Yes it's true. I've been very busy this last weekend and hit all my painting targets! The only issue is the lack of Daemons involved.

I've finally finished my Chosen CSM, a squad of CSM and a Rhino for one of the Thousand Sons squads. All that's left is to complete the bases.

The Chosen are made up from the Dark Angel veterans + Chaos bits that I had all over the place + the odd Tomb King skull here and there.

Yes, well spotted. That is an Ushabti chained to the top of the Rhino.... well I had some spare!! Oh and I've finally based my posse.

Now before we all despair I have actually added some more paint to my Bloodletters so I'm hoping to hit them big time this weekend and then it's on to the Flamers and to sort out the bases. No pressure after Mr.S.Back's performance!


Silverback said...

Looking as good as ever. That is a good use of the Ashabti.

I forgot to say that I think you can vote more than once on this poll, I set it and can't unset it so to speak. Therefore do you keep voting for yourself?

Von said...

More Ushabti still to go!

and erm no pretty sure I haven't voted for myself more than once...