20 Oct 2016

Another finished and another started.

The urban painting marathon continues.

The fast food joint got its last licks of paint. I've still got to add the counter inside and yummy looking menus and teaser posters but I've not got those yet (hint hint Urn! ;-)).

So its finished until the extra bits are sorted. On to the next one, the petrol station. I think it'll be the last for this tranche as it completes a storage box worth of buildings (apart from the Sarissa repaint) and I really do need to look at doing a few other things.

I'm going for Yellow and Red trim colours to make parts of it bright so I've dry-brushed it quite heavily. The sections that will have colour will probably have another dry-brush to lighten them even further after they've been masked off.

There is quite a lot of writing and detail to pick out so this might take a few evenings to complete.

There's been a little progress at work on the ship but not as much as I'd of liked. Dock crane added for effect.



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Junt said...

Get a bigger storage box then :)