3 Oct 2016

Infinity scenery

Well, these might not have been completed during "scenery September" but that's certainly when the bulk of the work was done.

First up, walkways from ttcombat. Great value these.
Couple of coats of white and then weathering and black sponged.
The adverts are from Antenocitis workshop bought a loooooong time ago and finally used to add some visual interest.

Next up, four fast food vendors, also from ttcombat.
My vision of infinity has lots of bright colours, but lots of weathering and a generous dose of white to try to tie it all in and not look too garish. Time will tell if it works!
Appropriate menus on the inside of each one
Would you eat somewhere as "clean" as this?

Lots more to come, hopefully soon!

1 comment:

Eddy Artillery said...

Those look excellent Mate.

The weathering and finishing touches like the menus and adverts are really good!