7 Oct 2016

On to the next one.

Last night I did the tiny finishing touches on the Police station and the comic shop. Little bits like Nuln Wash on the hinges and Matt varnish to dull down certain bolder colours. That didn't that too long so I got to start on the Abandoned Apartment building. I only had a chance to do the first of the drybrusing but it was good to get it started. After a base of darkish grey I'll move onto a reddish terrcotta colour to be the main colour for the walls. I like to have more than one colour on them to help avoid large areas of flat colour that I find to be somewhat unrealistic to the eye.

Once the red is on I can mask off some of the detailing that is on the walls and pick that out in another colour. Perhaps a sandstone sort of tone to go with the red walls.  We shall see.

I've also done the grey on the interior walls but I'll lighten that up with a lighter grey tone and then perhaps something like eggshell blue.

I'd gotten all determined to try the floorboard effect on this building but I'd completely forgotten that the 1st floor on this one already has them etched on so it'll be a simple matter of a bit of dry-brushing to get the floor done. I managed to knock a door off during the dry-brushing but I'm just going to stick it to the floor once it's all painted. It should look good and derelict!

Lunchtime one again provided me with a chance to make some progress on making some of the kits I've got still to put together. This one is a little portacabin type thing that will go well with my scrapyard set. I'll also be able to drop it next to some ruin terrain as the site office for a demolition. Once again a solid, cheap little kit from TTCombat. It took me about 35 minutes from taking it our of the wrapping to completion. A very well made kit with everything cut well.

The Steam crane has been relegated to next week as I think it might take several lunchtimes to finish and I didn't want to leave it half done over the weekend.

No painting tonight. Beer and a movie instead I think.


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going to need a group shot soon