14 Oct 2016

Thursday night progress

I'm still plugging away at the fast food outlet. Last night I concentrated on the interior walls. I would have done more but they took effing ages.

I tend to layer up the dry brush areas from grey to ivory to white but this can take a far while and last night was no exception. I added the peachy pink as the lower part of the wall then masked off that area before painting the red dado rail thing. Then that was masked before the white was layered onto the upper wall area. This look ages and in some places it turned into stippling rather than dry-brushing in an effort to get good coverage.

I walls will have posters and menus on them to break them up even further and the kit came with a counter which I still have to do. I might also knock together a couple of tables as well. Next painting session the walls will get masked off and I'll start on the floors.

Lunchtime was quiet so I got a chance to mount the crane upon its base pylon and the opportunity to add some extra rivets to the crane. I'm looking forward to painting this!


1 comment:

JamieM said...

Needs more rivets! ;)

I'm still amazed at your patience.....