26 Oct 2016

Readying the next tranche

I'm coming to the end of the first set of buildings for my town and I'm of a mind to try and get one of my planned scenery sets pushed to completion.

I seem to be working on elements from my town and the scrapyard and also the docks at the same time. In fairness the Scrapyard and Docks are really just add-ons for the town but I don't seem to quite be close on any of the sets. I had a tot up and I think I've got in excess of one hundred hours worth of stuff to finish all three.

My thoughts turn to how I can get the most on to the table in the quickest time. Seeing I already have several good size buildings for the town it will be usable but limited so I'm playing with the idea that I should finish the scrapyard, with only twenty(ish) hours of work required to get it to a playable state.

Those twenty hours will involve making a base board for the scrapyard and painting the fence, site office and caravan. There's obviously more stuff that I want to add to the set but that will suffice to get it sizable enough to use with the town to fill a 3x3 table. With that in mind I decided to use today's clement weather to get some spraying done to get some of the next bits ready for painting.

One lunchtime spray-a-thon and I've got the stuff to finish the scrapyard undercoated along with some other bits and bobs for the docks and town.

I'll also need to make some pavement baseboards for the town and a forecourt for the petrol station but I can do that at the same time as the scrapyard board. Not planning anything especially time consuming there.

The Petrol Station itself is almost complete. Just need to do a couple of last bits like the window frames. Should be finished tomorrow night.

I would do it tonight but the Empire are threatening one of our bases so the X-Wings are being prepped for launch.

If there is another good days weather I should get the chance to spray the fire station, the brownstone apartment and the ship which is now complete.


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JamieM said...

Never estimate how long it will take to finish things! You'll be so depressed that you'll have to buy more to comfort yourself...... :)

That ship is an big beastie....