13 Oct 2016

Cos my mate Junt asked for it.

Fast food it is.

I only managed to get the base colours on last night and I'm of a mind to lighten the exterior walls up quite a bit. I'm also a bit undecided on how to approach the inside. The downstairs floor is going to be a stark black and white tiles but I'm not sure about the upstairs. I might try the floorboard thing again now that I've got the narrower masking tape.

I've been collating some pictures that Urn has helpfully said he would print in colour for me and I'm hoping to do some wall menus and nice foody decorations. I think I might go for a two or possibly even three tone look for the downstairs. Bright colours such as those you'd find in fast food joints. We shall see.

I want the brand colour scheme to be a KFC parody so it'll be something revolving around Red and white.

More progress hopefully tonight.

Today I put together the steam crane from Sarissa. They do cut their stuff really precisely. Went together like a dream. I just need to work out how best to attach it to the oil rig to make the dock crane.



Junt said...

The upstairs really should be a meth lab shouldn,t it

Eddy Artillery said...


I'd been wondering what to do with it.

JamieM said...

Brilliant stuff!