28 Oct 2016

2 projects finished in one evening!


I didn't have much to do on the Petrol Station so that was a quick job to finish. I think that I'd probably preferred to have put a bit more white on the body of the building in hindsight but overall I'm fairly pleased with it.

Lovely kit to put together and to paint. A ridiculously well price kit at that!

I still had plenty of time last night after that and I decided to start on some of the bits that I need to finish to progress the scrapyard and town sets. The resin fences were next and I managed to get them finished in one sitting. I'll have to give them a lick of varnish but the painting is all done. Three different browns dry-brushed all over each of the fence sections and then the verges were treated to a two tone green dry-brush.

Not the most spectacular of projects but all important for what I'm aiming for with the scrapyard.

Next? Well I really should try and get the base boards for the town and scrapyard cut and prepped. This should also given me off-cuts from the plastic that I can dress up and use as the dock side edging. I'm quite looking forward to making these boards as the plastic is soft enough to etch into easily and this means that the pavement edges will be simple to do but should look pretty cool once painted and dry-brushed.

I'm hoping to add a few small points of interest to each piece by etching broken flag stones, drains and manhole covers which I hope will add to the flavour once all this is brought together on the table.



JamieM said...

I do like that service station, very pretty indeed.

Fences are one of those necessary items that don't bring much glory, but look great on the table.

Junt said...

Fenris do some fantastic drain covers which I'm planning on getting, worth a look at.

Eddy Artillery said...

TTCombat do manholes but I want them to be part of the scene and not stand out. Blnded with the back ground like they are in real life.

pulpcitizen said...

Very nice work even if you feel it is simple. Looks great to me. :)