17 Oct 2016

Weekend update

A fruitful weekend again. No time during the day to do anything but once the nippers are in bed it's..........PAINTING TIME!!

The fast food joint is coming along. The floors have been done now. Tiles down stairs and floorboards upstairs. The signage has also been started but needs a bit more work and tidying up.

I'm going to mix up the masking order next time I try this effect to get a less patterned outcome.

Still to add is the serving counter and its tills, Wall mounted menus and some tasty looking wall poster adverts.

I had Friday night off from the painting but didn't want to be unproductive so I got a lap tray out and made the next building on my lap whilst watching TV with the wife. Its a really nice kit and the corner grey card trim works well to hid the joining tabs and to make it just that bit more realistic looking.

Lunchtime today?

Started the massive cargo ship from TTCombat. Only got the bow together but the rest of the ship doesn't look like it will take too long as it is a fairly simple construction.

Given the size of it and the fact that it comes with several containers, this kit is really good value and well worth the money if you want to add something cool to a dock scene.



Junt said...

Need a group shot of the buildings soon to see how big this city is going to be

JamieM said...

Lovely stuff! Of course, this is making all of my buildings take ages as I want to deck out the insides after seeing you do it......