26 May 2009

The Green Machine Rumbles on

Well, as Our Lizzie lets me have a day off to celebrate her birthday, I spent it wisely and in her honour. I therefore present to you Messers Zagstruk and Snikrot. Zagstruk is a pain to put together but a breeze to paint. Snikrot is pretty easy in both departments.
Next on the table are 10 Stromboyz to hold Zagstruks hat and coat as he dukes it out with anyone close enough.

My preparations for the next Apoc game are in an advanced stage.

24 May 2009

The post is sponsored by JCB

My preparations for the next Apoc game are moving along nicely.

As you can see JCB wanted to branch out into the world of 40K and I have provided them an opportunity. 6 Mega-Armoured Nobs and their own battlewagon, with Kill Kannon. I have left the battlewagon with removable turrets and the hint that it is open topped. Thus it can be used for a variety of roles in any list. I think that this needs playtesting to work out the best use of this.

These are definately not the best painted figures I have done. But it was simple, quick and I think an effective colour scheme. It seems that Eddie might have converted me to the benefits of yellow painting.

8 May 2009

If you should go down to the woods today...

Well guys, you lot may have sat back on your a***** and been happy, possibly with the exception of Eddie and his alleged undercoated marines, but I am still plowing on and on.

So here are 10 Kommandos all done and ready to creep up where you least expect them. These will soon have Snikrot added to them for a little bit more Orky fun,

So, the next big question for me after shopping at the model shop is what colour shall I paint the battlewagon with KillKannon?????? Answers on a response to the author!

7 May 2009

Quick Update

It's all been a bit quiet around here so thought I'd just pop in and say hello.

We all had a great weekend up in Nottingham and I've got the results and hopefully some photos to post on Sunday.

This tournie marked the end of our initial GOG Challenge and the overall winner will be announced shortly. GOG 2 will be coming soon to a blog near you.

In the meantime we're embarking on different projects and no doubt updates will be posted as the long summer nights continue; hoping to have my Tower of Skulls project up and running shortly and will post updates as time permits.