20 Aug 2013

Finishing Eldar

I have finally managed to actually finish some of the Eldar units I have had on my work desk for some time. I'm still a fair way from finishing all the Eldar I have but a bit of progress is nice.

Completed are 10 Wraithguard with D-Scythes, 15 Jetbikes and 3 War Walkers. I'm quite please with how the transfers worked on the Jetbikes with the change of colour going on underneath.

I've undercoated a load of Dire Avengers so once I've finished my Crimson Hunter Flyer I'll be starting them and ...........Dun Dun Daaaa....The Wraithknight. Oh yeah!

16 Aug 2013

Bloodletter champ and something for infinity

In my haste at getting the bloodletters posted, I talked a lot about the champ, but only went for the "really far away and hard to pick out" angle to show the outcome.... Oops!

So, as I've not really done any conversions in the troops, here he is with a chum to show the differences.

Chunkier, big horned, more upright and armed with an axe. Now why do I get the horrible feeling that this still won't be enough to remind me that he shouldn't be standing at the front to get shot to pieces first?!?!?

And here is something else that I've been tinkering away with. Inspired by the rolling TV ad things on tube stations these days I figured that the world of infinity would have something similar, but more space age. So here is a curved wall section with printed transfers added to it - one advert and one Yu Jing news bulletin. I wanted to do transfers to give it a translucent feel and I'm pleased with the outcome.

15 Aug 2013

Yet more daemons!

I'm just a painting machine at the moment :)

These 20 blood letters bulk the army up nicely and leave only the elite and HQ slots to be filled before I get to 1,500 points - exciting stuff!

The champion deserves a mention as he has legs and face from a new bloodletter, an axe from an old bloodletter, the body and arms are from a beastman gor, the back of his head is from a chaos spawn, his tongue is from a dark eldar agoniser and his cloak is from an empire white wolf knight! I so like rummaging in my bits box :)

40k is real, and so is time travel...

As you know I am working at the fire service college and I am stopping over in the local village. The village is very proud of the relationship that they have with the college and the wide and diverse range of students that have passed through the village from around the world. The Redesdale arms for example has a display of different badges and patches. I stood there waiting for a colleague to check out and my eyes wandered onto the display. A familiar shape hit my eyes. It would appear that either time travel has been invented and the Adeptus Astartes have come back to use the FSC as a training location, or somebody has convinced the Redesdale Arms that the Adeptus Astartes is a branch of a Fire Service from somewhere around the world.

Ready for the big kick off!

"Hi Sportsfans, I'm Bob Johnson"
"And I'm John Bobson"
"and welcome to the Channel 9 pre-season coverage of the GoG worlds' inaugural Dreadball season"
"Thanks Bob"
"No problem John"
"What's on the cards for today Bob?"
"Well John, we have coverage of the newest team, only just formed in time for the pre-season, the Nuka-Cola Neutrinos!"
"Wow Bob, I'm really excited for this new team - can you break down where they came from for us?"
"I sure can John, as a starter, they're sponsored by the Nuka Cola Corp"
"Wow Bob, and their kits match the new bottles of Nuka Cola don't they?"
"They sure do John"
"Errrrrrr... Bright aren't they?"
"They sure are John, but that's the colours that extensive Market Research, and a little industrial espionage, told the Nuka Cola Corp would play really well to the fans and so increase sales of merchandise"
"And they're the important ones aren't they Bob?"
"The Corporations?"
"Errrrr, I meant the fans Bob"
"Errrrr, yes, them too John!  Heck, without them, who would buy the merchandising and the great new tasting Nuka Cola?"
"Good point Bob, I might just crack open a refreshing can now"
"Great Idea John, if you need a pick-me-up, just reach for the Teal and Gold!"
"Wise words Bob, this is Channel 9 coverage signing off"
*Burp* "G'Night viewers"

14 Aug 2013

And another unit....

The thing about not being able to start a project/unit and get it finished in one go is that I often have lots of things "nearly complete".  Now, this can be quite demoralising at times as nothing seems to actually leave the painting table and it only seems to get more crowded..... An at other times I can get loads of things finished in a really short space of time which is massively encouraging!

The flesh hounds continue the trend of things being finished and here they are. Nice and simple, ready to snap away at heels on a gaming table near you soon :)

13 Aug 2013

The diseased daemons of the plague god

Here they are, proof that my attention span does last long enough to get something finished!

These are lovely figures from GW and I really enjoyed painting them. Chock full of character and nice to put together too.

Dark green basecoat and two dry brushes for the main body, white pustules with red wash, glowing blue eyes and pinky/purple intestines. Rusty weapons seemed appropriate and here they are, ready to bring contagion to a battlefield near you soon....

10 Aug 2013

Dreadball Flies In

Good evening and welcome to another non-40K post.

Today we will be mainly viewing this little fellow who has turned up with his mates (and a few from the other side). They will soon be blazing a trail through the skies over Rural England.

Have you seen a black and white dog?
Yes Wings of Glory has now appeared in the GoG World. I've been resisting the lure of this one at every wargames show for years but finally gave in at Attack! in Devizes this year. Not sure where Snoopy is but the Red Baron is on the scene ready to add to his tally.

But it's not all about the pre-painted WW1 aircraft, oh no. Please say hello to a couple of members of the newest franchise in the GoG Dreadball League:

Bruisier Dorxmund has arrived and is ready to tear up the opposition, sorry I mean the League.
High Five!!!
I was going to call them the Orx Griffons but thought better of it. And originally red was not going to feature much but Yellow and Black just wasn't doing it for me.
You! Yes you with the funny hat. You're mine!

Just need to stick them in their hexagonal bases and all will be right with the world.

What's next? Well I have some FoW Fallschirmjaeger that have been very, very patient: time to dig them out and take stock of what needs to be done. That Eastern Front isn't going to fight itself you know...

8 Aug 2013

An Ebay Bargain!!

One of my usual Ebay suppliers, The Troll Trader, posted a gaggle of auctions recently rather than just the normal discount Buy-It-Nows. These auctions intrigued me mainly because they were for a load of different Spartan ranges. There was stuff for Dystopian Wars, Dystopian Legions and even stuff from the new Spartan scenery range.

I took a punt on a couple of auction but was quickly outbid and it became apparent that there was quite a lot of interest in them when one in particular caught my eye. A 28mm scale Invincible class gunship designed to be tabletop scenery.

Now I have any found it annoying that all these Sci-Fi games we play seem to be so devoid of aircraft both in the games and as objectives/scenery. Thankfully this has changed on both counts now with the abundence of flyers in the game and now with HDF scenery making large scenery pieces more viable.

So when I saw the auction for the Invincible I just had to have a punt. To my surprise I won! I also got it for a really good price saving nearly £40 from the listed price. I suspect that, as scenery, it was something that people were not as stressed about compared to some of the other items on the Troll Traders auctions.

anyway......it made me happy! ;-)

As the box says.......570mm long!

Oh yeah baby! I'm feeling a spaceyard themed scenery set coming on!

6 Aug 2013

Some progress.....

....on the mountain of Eldar I have to do.

The war walkers and jetbikes only really need a few bits picked out and then they are ready for a nice transfer for the front of the bike. I've been scratching around for a design I like but haven't found anything yet.

The Wraithguard are only just started so they'll need their guns, gems and loincloths doing but that shouldn't take long.

This leaves the following still to paint:

2 Spiritseers
28 Dire Avengers
16 Guardians
1 Fire Prism (unconstructed)
1 Wraithknight
1 Crimson Hunter (Started)
10 Rangers
1 Wraithlord (unconstructed)
1 Autarch
1 Fire Dragon Exarch

So...umm...yes. quite a bit to do yet.