20 Nov 2018

"No sign of the rebels my lord!"

"I find your lack of painted rebels....disturbing".

Come on boys! Get 'em painted!



What next?

So as the Star Wars Legions project is in its final stages I'm considering what will be next.

It's a simple answer really as The Silverback has been making noises about laying Chain of Command over the Christmas period. As I haven't got a single figure painted for this, I'd best get a wiggle on!

At Colours Urn's sharp eyes found an absolute bargain. £8.00 for an unopened box of Warlord US army. So...circumstance dictated that I was collecting a force of GI's. Works with me! ;-)

So construction begins.....

...don't have any photos yet but...OMG..the Warlord figures are sooooo fiddly to put together...well the arms and guns are.

I still need to finish the last piece of the crashed ship. Its all together but needs another spray which is something I have annoyingly run out of. I also need it for my submarine.

I designed this earlier this year but it took a while for it go into production with the lovely folks at Blotz. I'm looking forward to painting this!

I've also finished most of my Stormtroopers and the extra units that folks kindly got me for my birthday.

I recently got a great big bit of felt to be a base mat for my Jakku board. I've tried a few little tests to see if painting the felt is viable.


Crashed ship part 2

I’ve been forging ahead trying to get the crashed ship finished.

This involved many evenings dry brushing and weathering with powders and washes. I’m fairly pleased with how they’ve come out.

Only one left to do now – the nose section but I’ve run out of black spray and I’m waiting on a delivery of more cans.

After this I need to get a desert mat sorted for the table. I’ve seen several but I still have a hang up about spending £50+ on a mat even if they are really detailed.