24 Jun 2014

....Is the new black!

So.....starting the Iron Hands infantry now at work and I find that I am resistant to painting them black. Why?

Cos it's well boring!

I'm more inclined to use a metallic finish to make them a bit more 'Iron-ey'. With this in mind I have decided to use a black base coat with a strong drybrushing of a dark metallic colour. I plumped for Gunmetal Blue and have finished this stage for the first thirty marines.

After this I am intending to paint the guns and bionics in a lighter gunmetal colour and then use a black wash to dull down the figure. After that I'll pick out any flesh and other details prior to varnishing. Should be a fairly straight forward job getting these done.


17 Jun 2014

Getting back in the groove!!

With the arrival of Life long Burden Joyous bundle #2 I've obviously not had the time to commit to the hobby.

Massive shame because I've got some neato stuff to do!

Anyhoo. Time to get back in to the saddle and force some progress. I thought I'd start with something fun to re-invigorate myself. Hence the Knight Titan. Lovely kit to put together and given the size and detail I would say it is worth the money.

A quick spray black undercoat in the carpark at work and onto my desk for painting and the usual odd looks from my colleagues. Working in a relaxed environment does have its advantages!! Lunchtime painting is really therapeutic.

He'll take me a while chipping away doing 40 minutes a day but it is progress! I'm intending him to be attached to my Iron Hands to bolster them up to 1500-2000pts quickly but I'm sure he be seconded out to the Howling Griffons from time to time.

Under my desk are the first thirty Iron Hands and I'm hoping that my paint scheme will be simple and effective as I don't want to take ages on them but I want to do more than just spray them black. I might start them soon as well and alternate between the two projects depending on my mood.