22 Mar 2014

Dragons? In SAGA...

Well it's been a while. How are we all doing?

In an effort to wrestle the Blog away from Eddy (good work by the way on the scenery - very nice and looking forward to playing on that) here's what is currently on my painting table:

Sssh. Don't tell Urn that the Scots have found a reinforcement...
I've been struggling to find time to paint since the Eldar Challenge (picture below) due to a work trip to the US and, well, late nights. So I've finally decided I just need to paint whatever takes my fancy at the time... it's not like I don't have shelves of unpainted minis for a dozen games sat waiting.

You'll see a Forgefiend destined for my favourite 40K army - World Eaters. He's got some tidying up to be done and some Dynasty level shoulder pads to be put on. Then it's the washes which should turn him a shade of orange.

In front of him are the remaining Scots for SAGA. They've just been stuck on their bases and next up is the challenge of the spear insertion. Believe me it's as fun as it sounds! These 20 gentlemen give me 8 warriors and 12 levy and take me up to a massive 6 points. Which is a big game in the SAGA world and a total army of 45 models. The Forgefiend is optional.

After that? I don't know to be honest and that suits me fine right now. Paint what I want whenever the whim takes me.

As promised here's my Eldar army at the event end of January. Still need to complete the highlighting on the vehicles but otherwise a challenge beaten.

yes there is a Wraithguard missing. He'd just been hit hard by a dice and is licking his wounds off to the side

20 Mar 2014

Painted infinity figures - something of a turn up!

Infinity is probably the only game we've played a few games of with untainted figures. Why is that you ask? Because painting them scared both Eddy and I. Scared us? Yep, the sheer detail on the figures and "true" scale were a bit intimidating to people more used to painting 80+figures for an army where the overall effect is more important than the detail of the individual figures.

But I eventually decided just to go for it :)

GW glaze yellow helped with the armour (with seraphim sepia worked into the joints to keep the armour colour fresh but still help define it. Lots of relatively muted colours and highlighting for the other parts and here we have it, my first five figures and I'm jolly pleased with them :)

19 Mar 2014

Feng shui.....

....or the art of packing out a table with scenery!

I got round to spraying the Spartan Resin interiors yesterday lunchtime and I decided that they would be a quick paint job so I bumped them to the front of the queue. Thankfully they were a quick job!

I've still got a couple of control stations to do but they will be a quick drybrushing with a little bit of detail work. Hopefully I'll get those done tonight once I've put a lick of varnish on these.


18 Mar 2014

Drowning in MDF!

I'd recently sprayed the first of my Spartan Scenics sets with grey primer and so I've set myself the task of getting this set finished and on the table to use for Infinity. It is perfect for Infinity as the stacking units easily give you the split level feel and lots of sneaky places for snipers to hide in.

I think Spartan have under played the modularity of this kit as I quickly realised that you can leave all of the walls on the larger pieces unglued and this in turn means you can use the set in any way you want especially when combined with the other sets.

Now...the long job of painting the bloody things!


15 Mar 2014

Fiends of slaanesh conversions

Finally! These chaos have been sitting around half finished and unloved for, quite literally, years. They started life as conversions for a beasts of chaos warhammer force I used in a doubles tournament in about 2006 I reckon using the first ever fiends of slaanesh legs and beast men torsos, heads and arms.  They then were slightly converted again to have a head swap and to try to get claws on the ends of the arms...... Which kept falling off, no matter what glue I used. So they got put back in their drawer as I was demoralised about them.....

Until about two weeks ago when I decided to get them done. So, off came the existing arms and on went arms from the warhammer dryads that I got the heads from. A little bit of green stuff, some simple painting and here they are, ready to rend in the name of slaanesh.

13 Mar 2014

Don't stop me now!

'Cos' I'm having a good time!!

Loving this current war-gaming buzz going on as I am seriously motivated. Yesterday lunchtime I got some Shadow Spectres undercoated along with the Yu Jing starter set. Last night I decided, after playing with Maya Net, that I needed to convert one of my Keisotsu into a sniper and this was easily done with a length of tubular sprue. I went for the look of a nice fat suppressor and I don't think it turned out to badly. Unlike my photo of it.

I also got time to add some paint to these guys but as I've decided to use the wet palette approach and that means lots on thin layers of paint and that in turn means that the first few coats are not very photogenic.
I'll post more pics when I've progressed them along a bit more.


11 Mar 2014

Well that escalated quickly!

Yup. Infinity.

Two games in and I have splurged on the start of a second faction. If I'm being honest the leaked piccies of the new figures for the combined army are making me tempted for a third!

I'm so weak but I am not getting a third until at least one of my current ones is has enough fully painted figs to field.

So last night I put together all of the new figures for the Yu Jing. I'm hoping to get these sorted pretty quickly with some nice bold colour washed with Inks.

Yesterday was pretty constructive really as I managed to get the last of my Platforms set from Spartan undercoated so I can get started on that soon to bolster our scenery collection for Infinity.

It is great being able to spray things in the works car park. A real saver of my evening/weekend hobby time!


10 Mar 2014

Bin and done it!

Get it?

BIN and done it?

ah well.

Well I've finished off my Recycling station from Warmill. This was really quite fun to paint. After undercoating black I did a series of grey drybrushes to break up the large areas and then just painted in panels for effect.

Nice kit.

Very nice for infinity.


3 Mar 2014

My first HH model


So I purchased a Mechanicum Castellax from Ebay which travelled a long way to be here ;) and was 25% cheaper than the RRP!

Anyway, I have to admit that the overall quality is pretty good apart from some of the thinner areas which are too thin and break easily, such as the vertical bits of the shoulder pads and  at the top of the legs.

Anyway, when I received the bag with the bits in I thought I had been had, as it was all small pieces!  I guess that comes from having assembled some tyranids MC and a Riptide, but the bits seemed impossibly small to make a dread sized model.  Here are all the bits with their sprue


However, after a little playing and looking at pictures - I got there, and even had a couple of extra bits for conversions... :)