31 Dec 2008

Skin of my Teeth!

Well after last month, I thought this month would be a darn site easier! Well.....it wasn't, mainly bacause of problems with the conversion on the Tiger I. This I sadly had to scrap as the additional parafanalia (spelling!) made it look like a small childs toy....

so back to the basics and only a couple of additions, troops riding desant, a tank commander and a hull mounted Heavy Bolter, this should add a much needed battle cannon as well.

The Command HQ has 4 Plasma Guns and a Heroic Senior officer, I toyed with the idea of a trademark item, which I may still add later, but decided to stick to the basics

My defensive Guard army is looking more and more like it's becoming an assault army every month.....

There we go for now! Next month, here I cooooome!!

next month 40 conscripts with 4 flamers and a Commissar to lead them!!

Bit of an easy one this month....

.....because I got scared of what you boys were bringing and decided to get the Exorcists in!

I've already got those painted, so both of them come straight in to try and kill Wazdakka and the Lord of Change!

Not much chance given my 1's for shots from these ladies, but you've gotta try, right?

24 Dec 2008

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Twas the night before Christmas and not a creature was stirring.... except for those still frantically wrapping presents or those still trying to finish their 750 points!

Have a good holiday everyone; be seeing you!

19 Dec 2008

Elites for the Griffons!!

The next 250 points oh wait a minute…..

The next 645 points. Means I can put my feet up for a while.

They are a bit shiny but I’m intending to get some testors dullcoat at some point in the new year so I can dust the whole army down.


Whose go is it?

I think whatever it is we suffer from has infected my wife………

…..she got these for me on a recent shopping trip. Perfect for turn priority or ‘Drop’ counters.

Or maybe she wants me to dress up………..


15 Dec 2008

A little project for the BFG

Several months ago the BFG asked me to convert a poor Landraider into an orky battle wagon.

I am not sure of the origin of said vehicle, but the previous owner had painted it with a roller and the paint was so thick in places it looked like the plastic had been melted. In addition the previous owner had already attempted an orky conversion and it was, well without wishing to sound rude, of the standard that you would expect if you gave an infinite number of chimpanzees an infinite amount of glue, plastic bits and paint and asked them to make a model to display in the Tate Modern.

I started off by taking a pair of pliers, a hammer and a dremmel to various bits of plastic, areas of paint and puddles of glue in attempt to revert the landraider to its former shape. I then raided my bits box and plasticard store to design a new layout. The stumbling block at this stage was the Deffrolla - pardon - I said to the BFG - a deffrolla he said. Now some of these you see on models are naff extraordinaire, so I wanted to find something good. Over the coming months one eye was on the lookout for a suitable bit. I searched charity shops, toy shops, adult shops :) and a variety of other places - all to no avail. Imagine my surprise, as well as a thought that I should have looked here to begin with, when in Pets at Home I found the perfect thing! It was a dog toy shaped like a dumb-bell. After about an hour of cutting the rubber (that is not a euphemism Eddie), I finally had my deffrolla. A bit of dowel and some more plasticard later, it was done.

All that was left was to sort out, was the two side sponsons. To be honest I was not happy with the one I did on the left side of the vehicle (too square) so on the right side I just put on a spare looter, I mean it fits with the fluff.

So after all that waffle I know you are keen to see it, as always the pic does not do it justice but here it is!! Also there are numerous odds and ends over this to reflect the normal rag tag orky effect. The BFG has said he will undercoat and paint it, so the effect in the pic is still somewhat half done.

Thoughts views and opinions please!!

13 Dec 2008

Say hello to my Little Friend

Here's my 250 points for the month - all tied up in this little, harmless chap. His main colours are the ones I've used on the other 3 units so far; red, blue and purple.

His skin is Mordian Blue with a Azurman Blue wash and then highlighted with Enchanted Blue.
Cloak is Astronomicon Grey with 2 coats of Leviathan Purple wash then Dwarf Bronze on all the chains and edging.
Wings are Mechrite Red with Baal Red wash and then drybrushed with Blood Red, Blazing Orange and Sunburst Yellow.
Yep - lots of foundation paints and washes. And then some drybrushing so as not to upset Silverback!

Next month I'll use some of my allowance to give him some extra psychic powers...

9 Dec 2008

Another 250 bites the dust - UPDATED

I know you are going to be shocked and look at the date in amazement, but with one eye on the festive season, I wanted to get my 250 done early.

So here we go.

Wazdakka Gutsmek - 180pts

Warboss with bike, Power Klaw and Boss Pole - 65 pts

Total 245pts. Now if anyone wants me to do another 5pts to qualify for the month then I can paint a boss pole ready for another Nob to have at some point in the future. But I am sure this will stand as is. Basing to be completed in the next couple of days.

So why Wazdakaa? Well for 180 points he is on the expensive side, but allowing bikes to be used as troops gives me the mobility needed to capture objectives with multiple options. I also like the fluff of Speed Freeks as they seem right to me for Orky Looniness.

He is as long as a Chimera (ooo er Missus) and about half as wide, as you can see here

Now for size reference, the Nob is slightly larger than a normal Ork Biker. Wazdakka is considerable larger than him and is actually not far off the same as a Chimera......

5 Dec 2008

Points Update

Hi guys

The Fox is very busy at work at the moment, so he I have got the scores for the month from him to post on here. He is probably busier at the moment as he can't seem to hit the correct key on his PC......

Anyway for the month of Nov we have the following scores.

Eddy 6 paint = 2; picture = 1; win with 500 = 3
Silverback 6 paint = 2; picture = 1; win with 500 = 3
VariStat 6 paint = 2; picture = 1; win with 500 = 3
BFG 5 paint = 2; picture = 1; draw with 500 = 2
Silver Fox 4 paint = 2; picture = 1; loss with 500 = 1
No Name 0

good luck one and all for December.

4 Dec 2008

Something from the weekend

Just a couple of pictures from the gaming at the weekend

Marks boys hiding from the ladies in a wagon, the 2.10pm train from Houston and some of the Waple posse just before the one on the roof decided to top himself by falling a jump down test.

Oh how I laughed!!!


1 Dec 2008

Coming soon to a GOG 750 point army on your gaming board.

Gentlemen and Imperial Guardsmen, the moment you have all been waiting for.....

I have the honour and privilege to introduce to you, the quiet, shy and retiring former Evil Sunz Bike Boss, Wazdakka Gutsmek. I have had official confirmation that this is driving down the M1 as I type to come and join my Klan as he has heard they rock! As you can see from the pic he is small of stature and will be easily missed on the battlefield, especially if the Silverfox is rolling the dice.

30 Nov 2008

Woo hoooooo 500 pts finished!

Well guys I must admit that it's been a real struggle to find the enthusiasm for this project, however, now I have put the finishing touches to my Valhallan 342nd Regt. 10th co. 1st Veteran platoon I am back on the money.

My other addition is my Hellhound, this nice little piece can lay waste to swathes of horde armies on it's own!

Oh okay, who am I kidding right, they're Guard for Emporers sake, the butt of all jokes to do with getting arses kicked!

I want to change that, if I can...the last few games have seen mixed results, some of the bad ones will go down to a steep learning curve while some of the others are just down to the scariness of the opposing army and it being on me in 1 turn.......poor Guardsmen!

Still...next month sees my HQ choice with 4 Plasma Guns and a Tiger variant of the Leman Russ. Now this should kick butt!!

I hope!! ;-)

My 500 - Done!

Here they are, my 500. The rhino and the three sisters standing in front of it are totally new this month, the others are part of my old army and have been touched up to go with the others (stop sniggering at the back Waple!).

And after my charging rhinos did the business against the Howling Griffons yesterday (mainly due to great dice) that's my month done.

Onto next month then. Now where did I put those exorcists.....

27 Nov 2008

500point Ready!

Ha! Done

These two little babies, along with two full squads of marines and some upgrades takes my points score nicely to 500pts painted!

Huzzah! Feet up for the rest of the month………only three days left? Glad I’m not doing guard. Teehee


26 Nov 2008

My workbench!

As we are posting workbench pics this is my current one. Yes it is very "minimalist" but there is a very good reason for it. As I have a very inquisitive 3 year old I can't leave anything lying around anymore so I had to develop a completely portable painting box and this is the result. The only thing it does not have is spray varnish and paints as that is done outside anyway.

It does have the advantage that I can chuck it in the car boot and do a bit of cleaning up figures in between giving lessons.

20 Nov 2008

Damned attention span, or lack thereof....

Well, I was hoping that I'd be posting my next completed 250 points and my completed pirate crew with this post, but alas it was not to be. "Why not?" I hear you ask "didn't you have today off, you slacker?", well, yes, yes I did. I did really well in the morning, highlighting the pirate crew and getting really close to finishing the sisters, but then the curse of the wargamer struck. I had a "Great Idea For A New Project Before I'd Finished The Last One".

Now when a GIFANPBIFTLO strikes there's really very little you can do. Especially if it's one of those ones that means you use some bits that have been lying around for years because when you bought them you thought "Wow, these things'll be great!!!!" and then more GIFANPBIFTLOs struck after you'd bought them meaning you never actually used them. Well, this was one of those times. I'd had some moulded plasticard sitting around in the garage for years, fully intending to use them at some point and then never doing so. And when I bought the heater for the garage, it came with some squarish polysterene bits (and we all know the only proper response to polystyrene packaging is "Wow, I'll keep these as they'll be really handy one day!").

And so, it struck - I decided to combine the two and make some buildings for use with pirates! Having built the cowboy buildings as shells which were hollow inside, I decided that sticking the moulded plasticard to the buildings would be a great way to speed up the process! So please see attached pictures of the buildings in progress. Just need to wait for them to dry and stick on the AW windows and doors, get some roofs on and then a quick lick of paint and they'll hopefully be ready for next weekend! I've also adde one showing the polystyrene block that I hadn't started when I took the photos. It's now being converted into a grand house though, so hopefully I can get all 4 made in time as well as finishing the pirate crew....

30 days hath November...

The walls are closing in! Only 10 days of November to go. Deadlines for 500 points are very close now. GOG Armageddon approaches!!

GOG With No Name - MIA

Has anyone seen or heard from the GOG with no name.

No posts in a while, no comments and no mails?

Scooby Doo, where are you? Hope all is well and to hear from you soon.

18 Nov 2008

500 Points of Orkiness

So I have put these all together for the one pic to prove there is no photoshop work here.

Yes the second 250 is the same as the first, but hey, it works doesn't it BFG?

It is 8 bikes in 2 squads of 4 (1 to be added to a squad in another 250), 2 Trukks, and 2 Mobs of 11 Orks with a rokkit launcher and a Nob with a Boss Pole and Power Klaw. This is basically the core of my 1750, with another trukk mob to be added later. This gives me mobility, speed and a load of guard killing nasties ready to jump over the side, nick your lunch and chop your head off even before you have checked to see if the Trukk had a valid tax disc.

I have used the new washes all over the place and have a mix of devlan mud and Badab black to bring the flesh and metal to life. After this I highlight and shade as needed. I am really chuffed with the look of the army to date and they ae better that I thought they would be. In addition, they are better in real life, but a close up shows you the look of the flesh. At some point I will write a slightly more detailed write up with stage by stage pics. But settle for the moment with this one!


Royal Navy Boarding Party. well I could hardly call them Pirates

All done and ready to go. In fact it appears that I have enough for two crews to ensure that the BFG doesn't miss out!

I still have the Governer to paint, and I don't mean the Judas that used to play for the hammers.
Are you impressed with the size of that mans chopper?

WorkBench/ Dining Table

In the spirit of things here is my pic!!

As you can see there is a motley collection of Orks, Royal Navy and Cowboy Terrain, including a small corrall!

Workbench Challenge

This is my painting queue, or at least part of the queue. Your challenge for the day is to identify as many units/characters as you can. I think(!) there are 18 not counting the LOTR blister that's sat on the CD player.

Scarily this is not everything. The Easterlings are on a different shelf together with my other Infinity models. Oh and then there's all the stuff that hasn't been built yet... but that's another story!

Daemon 500 Done + Infinity

Enjoyed reading blogs this week so thought I'd add to the explosion of fun. Daemonettes are now completed (save basing) and some piccies are attached for your perusal. So these 10 + a Bloodletter Icon bearer and a 4th Flamer make my 500 points.

You'll also see the starting 7 Infinity models I've been painting for Sir; his Nomad Gang. We've been reading up on it and the forums have been suggesting 200 points is a good starting point for a game. Looking at what he has we reckon another 3 models will be enough to get him to that level so expect him to be scouring Warfare. Meanwhile I've built 3 of my 6 Combined Army models; looking at mine I need 1 more figure to make the points. He'll outnumber me 10 to 7 which isn't good!

Workbench of wonder!

Well, as promised, here's a sneaky look at my workbench/painting table as it stands at the moment. As you'll see from the main picture I have 2 rhinos and 3 sisters as my main task. 1 Rhino for this month and one for next (as it saves time doing them together) and the 3 sisters I need for Novembers unit (the rest will come from the already painted ones that I have, probably with a repaint of the armour to match my newer ones better).

Over the back on the right is more barrels and some sacks and suchlike to be used as scenery for the "legends" games we're currently playing (Old West and High seas). Over the back on the left (and in more detail in the second picture) is my pirate crew - 11 scurvey naves (and navesses) that I'm planning to have ready for the end of November when we'll start using them.

I've also got some undercoated marines & officers, but I'll save them for the next update!

By the pirates is the nurgle CSM rhino hatch with CSM and storm bolter. i finished the rhino about 6 months ago but this part of it has been on my desk for all that time! i really must find time to finish the poor little fella off......

17 Nov 2008

Well my pirates are ready.....

....so what have you slackers been doing??? eh??