28 Mar 2011

I'm baaaaaaaack!

Well, it's been a long time coming, but I've not been idle... Well, not totally. Anyhow, since my last post I've completed a Flames of War 8th army (to be posted sometime) and started work on the dark eldar.

I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit that I bought a load of dark eldar when they first came out (November '10?) and then, like all good wargamers, let them sit in their shrink wrap in boxes for ages. I find that if I don't open something as soon as I buy it and put it together and paint it, it stays on the shelf for an age, behind all the other things in my painting queue.

So, first order of business was the 30 or so wyches. Now, I like the new wyches, which are streets ahead of those crappy old ones GW put out, but with them all in a running pose, I didn't want the tabletop to turn into an 80's nightclub dancefloor with everyone doing "the running man" dance move..... You remember the running man, right? Anyone? Errr, ok, moving on....

So, I decided that as these were supposed to be uber-athletic crazy space elfs I'd chop some of them up and give them other dynamic poses. So, mixing the legs with those from the hellion and raider passenger sprue I made a whole load of crazy poses! And yes, it did involve chopping some eldar arms into three and pinning them back together. I'm a little nuts like that you see.....

I needed something for them to be athletic over, so I reasoned that they were attacking an Imperial Guard outpost and hence the fact they're leaping over things from the imperial guard tank sprue :)

Also attached is a photo of the hellions, which are "straight off the sprue", which was a nice change of pace after the wych conversions.

20 Mar 2011

The Wolves reach 500

Little bit quieter this week with only 6 figures and a bit of scenery completed. In my defence I did have 3 days without painting this week. Well I think it's a pretty good excuse...

Anyway. I decided to stick to the Space Wolves and complete the 500 points so that at least they're useable. Evil Monkey and I are planning to go to Calneage in September and these chaps will be my 1/2 of the team up!

14 Mar 2011

They're behind you...

Another weekend and another blitz of projects completed, started or somewhere in between!

(Pictures seem darker this week so either my camera hates the after midnight show or my eyes are going. Again.)

Whilst waiting for various glues to dry (more on that in a minute) I took the opportunity to complete the first 5 Wolf Scouts. 4 normal guys and 1 with a Meltagun are in my initial 500 points with the previously spotted Grey Hunters.

9 Mar 2011

The Holy Wolf Brigade

OK so I wasn't expecting to finish them quite this quickly after the last post but that's 2011 for you!

I've used a mix of black lining and highlighting and washes to see what happens really; so consider this bunch my experimentation marines.

3 Mar 2011

The Wolves are coming out to play

Well this lot have been sat on the shelves for a while now; actually since the Codex came out. Real Life got in the way plus other projects so they've sat patiently, biding their time.

So here are some WIP shots of the first squad of Grey Hunters.

Armour is Scorched Brown. Shoulder Pads = Mordian Blue with Boltgun Metal rims.
Mechrite Red on hair and fur.
Two of these dudes with Plasma Guns. This squad is designed to sit 24" from the enemy and blat away; they will eventually be joined by a Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour carrying an Assault Cannon.

And the full squad posing for their picture...
All the block colours are on. Next step is to tidy up the edges with Chaos Black and then it's onto highlights (yes I'm going to give them a go) and washes.

The full 500 points will be these Grey Hunters + Wolf Priest + Long Fangs + Scouts. However, once this squad is complete I'm moving onto some scenery for Planetstrike and then a Dystopian Wars fleet.

Then it'll be back to this lot.

In other news I've finally secured some more Humbrol Desert Yellow spray paint so my World Eaters are finally able to acquire reinforcements. Raptors coming soon. Ish.

Right. Now where did I put Killzone 3?