31 May 2016

How is it.....

...that the tiniest of tanks seem to take ages to paint?!?

Main colour going on to the KoB tanks now. These will probably need two coats but the coverage from the green isn't too bad. After the green the tracks will be steel colour then the whole lot gets a black wash which should tone down the brass, pick out the details on the green and give a nice finish on the tracks.


26 May 2016

Now for some ever so slightly better pictures.

The Infinitys guys got a lick of varnish and base trimming last night. Here are some slightly better photos but I am coming to the conclusion that I really must invest in a light box to get a better quality of piccie for the blog.

 Zhanshi follows the original colour scheme that I'd used apart from me adding a bit of white detailing on his torso armour. I also used a slightly lighter grey to paint the weapons, one which seems to show the gun details better after the addition of the army painter.

The two Domarus are mainly monchrome white and grey but there is colour is the underlayer.  

Like the Zhanshi, the celestial guard is pretty consistent with my previous limited pallet choices. I think this style of painting suits the infinity figures pretty well.

After those were done I cracked on with the KoB.

Gaudy aren't they! The main green colour will go on after the brass and then the steel for the tracks. Then they'll all be given an total wash of Nuln Oil to bring all the colours right down. Hopefully the brass will be subdued down to just being bright rather than the painful bling it currently has. The green seemed to take the Nuln Oil well on the test and the steel always comes out looking really nice under that wash.

Ever hungry to get more done......I finished construction of the pile'o'crates at work today. Weather permitting tomorrow, I might be able to get a spritz of paint on these in the car park during tomorrows lunch break.


25 May 2016

And now for some badly washed out WIP piccies!

Yeah these are pretty awful photos. They have only just been varnished and are very glossy here so they will look a lot better after tonight when they'll be receiving a coat of matt varnish.

Will try better tonight with the photos.

Firstly two Domarus. I like their segmented armour but absolutely love the braided under garments that peak out between the armour plates. I painted them a plain pastel sort of green colour and the army dip has picked them out really well. I can't wait to see how they look after the varnish.

Next up is Mr Celestial Guard. He is very menacing in his full face mask.

 Lastly is the Zhanshi.

Varnish and base edges to be painted and then these guys are ready.....just in time for tomorrow night's game vs Urn.

Then back to the DW stuff and the massed KoB forces. After that I wouldn't be surprised if a couple more infinity troops get done as its been a nice distraction for a week.


Warhammer quest - silver tower

I couldn't resist. It looked shiny. And fun.

When it turned up yesterday I was determined that it wouldn't languish in the plastic pile like so many other things I've bought, so I stuck the heroes together last night and the rest together this morning

Must be a new best for me to get things started!
Next stop is a spray this afternoon if the weather holds and then painting as soon as I can
What's that? What about the eleventy thousand elves I've bought that need painting? Errrrrr, yes, they're the flaw in my plan! Oh well, it's nice to have lots to paint..... Right?

24 May 2016

A diverting side project.

As I'm so easily distracted by other projects it probably shouldn't be a surprise that I've started something else at the same time as working on the Infinity figures, DW KoB and putting together my DL stuff.

In the Spartan scenics sets there are some nice little squares provided pre-etched with details to spruce up the insides of the corridors and rooms. Personally I don't think they're needed once furniture and scatter terrain is added mainly because the sides of the corridors slope inwards which would make them hard to actually see.

So what to do with these instead then?

Crates. Oddles of crates to be even more scenery for infinity. Quick spot of PVA and they go together quite easily. A quick squirt of spray paint and they'll be all but finished.*

This little lot should make about 25+ boxes.


*This is a lie. They are simple crates that would be just fine with a blast of spray. I however will probably end up picking out some of the details and trying to get them done in a variety of colours to make them more interesting thus creating a shed load more work for myself. I'm like that I am.

20 May 2016

On to the next thing.

So PE DW land forces wave one are finished. Phew. I enjoyed painting them but staring at the same figures when batch painting does wear....a ....little thin after a couple of weeks.

So to provide a nice change I slapped some paint on a couple of, soon to be deployed, infinity troopers. A Celestial Guard, two Domarus and a Zhanshi. These, along with several I already have painted, will provide me with my first proper 100 point 2SWC list. Urn and I have flirted with Infinity but now it is time to get serious, engage fully with the rules and escalate the conflict!!!

I am really looking forward to this. It is a scenery heavy game which I really like and between Urn and I we have some really nice scenery to play on.

I'm sticking to the limited pallet that I used for my other Yu Jing so these shouldn't take that long to do. I hope.

I also got some reinforcements through for my DW KoB forces. The KoB were rather outnumbered by the PE so I decided to even the match at bit. Trimmed, bases textured and sprayed today in time to go home this evening. I'll be starting on them as soon as the infinity figures are done. More big batch painting but it'll be worth it to finally have the bulk of the DW forces done. After that I'll have to get some scenery knocked together.

I really do have a lot of toys.



19 May 2016

An inconsistent week but....

...I've still managed to make more progress on both the DL figure prep and the DW PE land forces.

Wave one of the DW PE are all but finished now. I only need to glue a couple of shrubs to the bases to break them up a bit and they will be totally done. the next challenge with these is to work out what to store them in?

I'm about half way through the DL figures but of the ones I have left there are a fair number that will need extra pinning work. Hopefully most of the standard infantry types will be prepped next week.

I fairly pleased with how these PE tanks have turned out. I'm glad I resisted the urge to try a camo scheme as they probably would have ended up looking to 'busy'. I'm not sure the choice of the grey for the electro bits on the sides worked out but I was hesitant to have more metallics on such a small figure.

I'm also quite pleased that i'd textured the tracks behind the tanks. A bit of Devlan Mud picked them out quite well without them being to obvious. Shame about the one that I'd managed to mess up by having the tracks come out of the front of the model. Doh!

 All in all this lot is about 1900 points which I suspect is more than enough basic forces. Still to add is wave 2 made up of artillery, massive robots and several Zeppalins.....oh and the ginormous land aircraft carrier.

I suspect however that I will do the basic KoB forces first to give me two fieldable forces.

What next? Well more DL at work during the lunchtimes and also a small amount of KoB DW stuff to bring them closer to being at a similar strength to the PE.

I might have a break from DW for a week and get a couple of Infinity figures done. Especially as it appears that I have another game scheduled for Thursday. :-D


13 May 2016

Starting to muster the troops

Another lunchtime and some more progress.

This time just some infantry.

I really should decide on a paint scheme for both forces. I think I'm pretty much going to stick to redcoats and blue trousers for the Brits but it is the Prussians that I keep changing my mind on.

Do I go with a very historical grey uniform or opt for something different? I saw a nice sandy desert style colour scheme that someone had posted on the Spartan forums and a few with dark green tunics that look good. Decisions decisions!


12 May 2016

Progress on all fronts

Despite my children's attempts to stop me getting anything done I still managed to get some more done on the first wave of my DW PE last night.

I gave them all a wash of Devlan Mud. I was hoping that it would pick out the detail a bit more and to some extent it has but it also added a touch more mottling than I would have hoped for. That aside I am still fairly pleased with how much of the detail has been retained on these models.

Just the basing to do on these and I'm not quite sure how to proceed with that as I normally do a black base highlighted up with browns for 28mm figures. Somehow I think that will be odd looking at this scale. I shall quiz the Spartan forums to see what others have done.

Also managed to get a couple more DL done at lunch today.

The pile is growing.....slowly.


11 May 2016

Trundling along.

Got some additional bits prepped for DL.

This time the KoB tankies and a specialist weapon for the PE.

Still loads to do but I have a sneaking suspicion that these might get bumped in favour of some Age of Sigmar stuff.

We shall see.


6 May 2016

Absolutely spiffing!

Managed to get another couple of figures popped together over the last few lunchtimes.

All the Dystopian Legions figures that I've tinkered with so far have all been really characterful. Colonel MacDonald is especially so!

He is great and I'm really looking forward to painting him.

Next up is the General Conveyor. A dinky little APC type thing for the KoB infantry. Nice simple model that goes together really easily. I might have to acquire some more in the future.


4 May 2016

Excuse me Rene....

...can I show you my little tankie?

Dinky little tanks ain't they!

Nice enough models. The interface between the track sections and the main body could be better. These are just stuck on the side and they could have quite easily have had a better join between them. Still they look pretty good.