27 Jan 2015



Massive in fact!

The GoGs had discussed trying to get a certain points value painted each month. Well I stood no chance of doing so in December but this month I have been making up for it. Almost finished are nearly 1K points made up of a Knight Titan, A Castigator Knight Titan and a Thanatar!

Oh yeah baby!!

I did the pistons today and tomorrow I'm aiming to paint the smaller other details and then it is just weathering and decals. After these it will be the turn of a Magos and two Castellax. I have an Avenger strike fighter that I intended to add to the marine HH forces but it appears to actually be listed as a Mechanicum FA option. This has led me to consider painting it in the Mechanicum scarlet and gold. I had intended to go with a dull sort of aviation grey scheme but the red and gold is starting to win me over. That will be it for the Mechanicum until I order some more which I'll have to do given the lack of troops!


22 Jan 2015

Pulp sci-fi, the good guys

So, following the nefarious storm troopers of my last post, I've now completed most of the good guy team.  Without further ado....

The captain and mechanic

The alien crew members, from a race down trodden by the evil empire

And the fussy robot and the good natured, hulking great alien with great strength.

Reckon I've hit most of the archetypes with these figures, all from Bombshell Miniatures, and they were a joy to paint!

Right, who's up for a but of 7TV or Pulp Alley then?

18 Jan 2015

30k Death Guard - First steps

So, after the wash-athon, the stick-athon and then the undercoat-athon, over recent weeks I have been making real inroads into my fledgling Death Guard.

So the most important point to make is that this simple colour scheme with the worn "we don't wash as if we were teenage boys" look is complex, time consuming and a great project. I did not want to throw these together base coat and drybrush and throw them on the table.  I wanted to focus and get back in the modelling and painting side of the hobby.  Lastly, I need to be able to take better pics - these are stunning in real life and the light camera combo does not work.

Anyway, to date I have painted and weathered to completion

17 Legionnaires
2 x Radio Men
5 x Grave Wardens
1 x Champion
1 x Master of Signal
1 x Apothocary
5 x Destroyers
5 x heavy support with Lascannons.
1 x Rapier
40k demolisher which started as a test vehicle but I painted to completion, as I will loot this from the Imperial Fists at some time

Half painted

1 x Spartan
3 x Rhinos
1 x Apothocary
10 x Deathshrouds
10 x Legionnaires
5 x Flamers

Then I go back into the wash-stick-undercoat routine for:
10 x Breachers
2 x Sgts
5 x Destroyers
5 x Grave Warden
1 x Achilles Land Raider

Anyway, to the poor pics

12 Jan 2015

Pulp sci-fi, the journey begins

So, we have a couple of games that we need to play and that look like jolly good fun - 7TV and Pulp Alley (I bought the second one, quelle surprise).

I thought doing some sci-fi with them would be fun, fuelled by tales such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Guardians of the Galaxy, Buck Rogers, Battlestar Galactica, etc. So, I have taken the liberty of using that as an excuse to find some smashing new figures and get them painted.

Herewith find my take on the evil minions/stormtroopers/cylons:

Dangerous ladies to be sure!

They had the right mix of fun, sci-fi and silliness for me, including the combat high heels, space chain mail bikini equivalent and cracking poses.  A picture of the others....

And another angle....

Next up are the good guys and the evil mastermind leader, who should be with us next week, so tune in space fans for the next enthralling episode of......