27 Feb 2011

Deathskullz reach their first Objective

Here's what I did this week.

I've added another 20 Boyz and 3 Kans to the fledgling Ork Deathskullz Army to give me 500 points in total. Hurrah they're now at a useable level!
I've kept the painting very simple for this army with washes forming the mainstay of depth perception; easier for a horde army!
The full 500....
Yes they are blue. I didn't want green Orks so mine have gone blue - afterall it's supposed to be a lucky colour for Orks right??

How do I tell the 2 squads apart? I paint the gloves/wristbands different colours :-)

The 2 Nobz... One Yellow and One Red... the third squad will use green...
The outfits of both squads are mainly yellow but with various other foundation colours thrown in for good measure.

Kans - new plastic ones which are very spiky and do hurt. Washed with Black for the oily look...

So 2011 continues to be a good year for completing projects. I also completed the basing on the final Daemons so they're complete and done. Yay.

I'm finding that mixing up my painting is really helping: a unit for the Orks, then a World Eater unit then a marine unit etc. Enjoying the variation.

Next up: 500 points of Space Wolves, Planetstrike scenery for a GoG mini-campaign and Prussians for Dystopian Wars. After that I need to be looking at Dark Eldar, World Eaters, Tzeentch and Shrike's Marines. This assumes I don't get sidetracked by those shiny Grey Knights in April....

3 Feb 2011

The Unit that took 18 months to complete

2011 continues to be the year of project completion.

Back in August 2009 I half painted a 10 man Chaos Space Marine unit for my Tzeentch army and then, well actually I can't remember what distracted me but it must have been shiny!

Jump forward to Jan 2011 and after fixing the broken pieces of the army after the car crash I decided they deserved some additions so up popped this unit and over the course of a couple of weekends they've been completed.

So that's a double meltagun unit with power fist and icon of Tzeentch (5+ invulnerable is good right??)

And yes that is a bug head from the Spawn sprue and a Bezerker arm. Well I had spares...

Rhino on order to complete the unit as we can't have the poor dears walking into the enemy fire now can we?

Over the weekend I built Abaddon for CJ, Warp Spiders for CJ and some Havocs for the Tzeentch boys.

Painting wise I'm waiting for some Desert Yellow spray for the World Eaters so meanwhile the Ork Kans have arrived on the painting table to get me up to 500 points of painted Orks.