24 Feb 2014

Something to hide behind!

I've had my Imperial Defense line sat in my draw at work for absolutely ages but the bad weather recently has convinced me that I need to get spray stuff when the opportunity presents itself. With that in mind I used Fridays burst of sunshine to get this defense line done.

After that it was just a quick bit of bronze dry brushed over and a little bit of silver to pick out a few details. I don't know why I leave some of these quick jobs undone for sooooo long.

19 Feb 2014

Even. More. Scenery!

I went to "A call to arms" at the weekend. A small, nay tiny, gaming event that is held up the road from me each year. I was determined to go as Colours is not on this year and I'll have to wait until Warfare in November......unless we roam further afield this year.

I didn't spend much time at the show because.....well there wasn't much to see but I did have a chance for a long chat with one of the lads from Warmill, Ed I think, the one who does such a bang up job painting all their kits for their website. Of course I had to make a purchase after using up so much of his valuable time!

As I've found with their other kits, the Hoboxs and SIR cargo containers, this went together really easily and was a joy to make. Even before sanding the small tufts left from removing them from their sheets, the whole kit went together and stayed together during the dry fit. Then it was just a quick job to add a little glue and it was done.


17 Feb 2014

Hobby Time

So, before I allow myself the treat of starting my Horus Heresy models, I wanted to start to clear down some outstanding projects.  So this weekend I painted the stuff above, a mixed bag of stuff I know - but it was good to get it done. 

Next up, an exocrine, a harpy, chaos bikes and a hell chicken.......

13 Feb 2014

Whilst it continues to rain.....

....i have resolved to concentrate on putting things together in the hope that I'll have plenty to spray up when we finally see the back of these storms. If. It. Ever. Stops. Raining. :-/

Next up after the Invincible is a bundle of Eldar Shadow Spectres & their Lord. The GoGs had been kind and given me a unit of them as a lovely present for my 40th 30th Birthday.They are an awesome unit of the Forgeworld Eldar Zaapy Killy Eldar with Jumppacks. Cool! Which is why I had secret already brought a unit of them Teeee Heee! ;-)

So its turns out I have two units of these lovelies! I'm looking forward to fielding these in an infantry only force as the Anti-Tank element given that they have a special combines fire special rule which has the potential for a unit of six to get upto Str10 AP2. Only one shot but yoiks! it gives you options on the battlefield. The guns are pretty cool normally with a focused and dispersed fire options like the fire prism. All cool stuff.

Now lets pray the rain stops soon so I can spray them!


Launching the Invincible

I got extremely excited when Spartan released their scenery range. Lots of lovely usable terrain at a good price and light and strong. Since then I have been buying bits and bobs resulting in a boxed mountain of stuff to do.
Months later and I have finally stopped procrastinating and managed to get started on the stuff. I decided to start with the stand alone Invincible class planetary dropship to see what the Spartan sets were like. I'd seen little on the nets except for a few posts from people who seem to have had some problems. Those problems appear to relate to the tight fit on the joints. With this in mind I started with a dry fit and soon discovered that the secret to this kits is not to worry about the tabs but to address the slots (F'Nar F'Nar). Easily done with a flat miniatures file. Just file enough to remove the scorch mark from the etching process and then the tabs should fit easily enough.

Now the Ship doesn't have that many slots so it was easy but I suspect that this will make the other scenery sets a bit more work to complete. I am unworried however as I shall just chip away at them doing one piece to completion, construction wise, before starting on the next.

Other than a bit of filing the kit went together pretty easily and was simple to do with PVA glue. I addd some embellishments once finished to cover up the most obvious connections. This was done easily with some spare mdf bits from other kits and a couple of bits of plasticard.

I added a Space Marine to one of the pictures for scale. This thing is a monster!

  Now to paint the bleeder!

7 Feb 2014

Deadzone scenery

Managed to get some of the resin scenery finished that was part of the Deadzone Kickstarter that the GOG's had partaken of.

Really nice pieces of scatter that were fairly good fun to pop together and paint.

Particularly fun was the console once the floaty holo displays were added.

Now onto the next of a long list of projects!!



Now for something completely different......

...RPG figures!!

These are for a friend of mine from my RPG group. I've only had them for two years. Oops!

I will admit to the fact that the wee beastie below was quite daunting to paint! Massive and heavy as it is a metal figure about 20cm tall.