19 Dec 2012

12 Dec 2012

Scenery update

My Warmill cargo containers are all done now. I'm glad I did the transfers because it finishes them off nicely. Kudos to the guys on the infinity forum who did the corporation logos that I swiped! ;-)

5 Dec 2012

Dystopian Legions Scenery

I've been able to make a bit of progress on some of the scenery I've brought for DysT' Legions. So far I've finished the Dunny and the Stable and the other buildings are all undercoated white. I think I''m going to try for a southern European feel with white-ish walls and orangey roof tiles.

I'm quite pleased with how these have turned out really. I tried to mottle the wood of the walls to age them and I think it turned out okay. It was fun and simple to do using a flesh wash and brown ink.