31 Aug 2011

Pulp City - Scenery


In an effort to keep the pressure up on people to move their Pulp City figures forward, I took on the task of painting the "street furniture" bits and pieces that we have acquired for the game.  Now these are more than just aesthetics, these will be thrown, grappled and generally lobbed at opponents in the game.

Next up is some pavement/sidewalks...

PS.   Eddie was saying last night that although he loves his monkeys, he is a little gutted at not having any Spandex/lycra action in his crew, so watch this space...

30 Aug 2011

Say hello to my leetle friends....

So, updation blog entry here to show off firstly the Gunslinger Ortega crew for malifaux, ready to re-claim the night from all those horrible mechanical spiders, undead zombettes and mercenary scumbags :)
As with Criid's crew, I've used the red to tie them into the faction and the long coats were great fun to paint.
The second update is the Pulp City figures, all stuck together and ready for painting. The bases on these were holding me up as I didn't want to use the old "sand + wash + highlight" on them as they should be in the middle of an american city. I eventually decided just to bite the bullet and make my own, so you may be able to see that they're plasticard inserts with pavement slabs etched in. Simple, but I'm pleased with the results and it saved me a bundle on custom bases :)
I also decided that the flying heroes should, well, fly! So I used magnets to attach them to some spare GW flying bases (the diameter is only 1mm out from the normal bases) and you can see the effects on perun and Solar above. I magnetised them on the basis we don't know how to play the game, so they can be take off for LoS checking if needed and I may even do them normal bases that they can be stuck to if I'm feeling creative and get the time....
Some green stuff needed on most of these guys before painting (especially the zombie wolf whose right and left sides are only vaguely acquianted) but shouldn't take too long and then they'll get on the table!

29 Aug 2011

Pulp City

So as you are now aware the latest game to hit the GOG group with regards figures and scenery is Pulp City.

This is a game of super heroes and villians set in the 1980s.  Se we have had to explain to Urn about the 1980s as he doesn't remember the first half of them due to his tender age.

Anyway, onto the figures.  Whilst the 3 more comic mad GOGs grabbed at various charcters that they could relate to I chose the Heavy Metal team/crew/gang/informal arrangement for 2 reasons:

1.  I like Heavy Metal music.
2.  They seemed like a good old round crew with regards models and theme.

They are now painted and ready to hit the streets to kick some super-villian/alien/APE butt.

A couple of close ups, and for those of you familiar with the game, you will notice I have 2 unusual additions to the team in the form of the glorious Kitty Cheshire and the Grimm.  These figures are really exceptional and bags full of character - a big well done to the sculptor.  Figures like that are so easy to paint.

26 Aug 2011

A thumbs up from the GoGs!

How cool are these Super-special Pulp City diced? Kindly sourced by our Tea Urn from the chap who is behind the wonderful "Pulp Citizen" blog.

We really are rather weak when it comes to all the fringe goodies available for gaming.


Nice one Citizen!!!

17 Aug 2011

We built this city....

we built this city on rock and rollllll!!!!!!

Urmm. Sorry.

I couldn't help it.

Anyhooo. As the Silverback pointed out, the GoGs have been getting organised and after the Silverbacks cheeky (but accurate) summation of my recent efforts I was galvanised into action.

I'd spotted a really nice terrain set on Ainsty's website. It was nice. The price wasn't. £75 for one warehouse. Don't get me wrong...it is very nice. So are knee caps that don't have rolling pin shaped dents in them.

Needless to say budget dictated a build, rather than buy, approach to my first piece of Pulp City terrain. After seeing the jaw-dropping work of Emmanuel Nouaillier I decided to try a foamcore & bluefoam construction to maximise strength vs detail.

So here is the first work in progress piccie. You can see the inner walls which are made from foamcore. I've etched breeze block sized gridding into these to represent the internal walls and then the blue foam has been etched with a more brick like sized grid. The walls aren't stuck together yet as I need to do some trim work on the doorways and also make some removable doors for the big loading bays.

I'm quite please with the direction it is taking so far. I'm intending to mount it on board which will be shaped and detailed to be the pavement around the building and I'm going to make a flat detachable roof with a surrounding wall to finish it off.

In game I'm intending to use some general cargo bits and bobs to add to the internal space to make it look 'in use'.

Undead ladies of the night!

Not often you type that!

Here are Seamus and the girls ready to take their special brand of lovin' out onto the street. Game one vs Urn went okay but I was still getting to grips with the rules so it was far from decisive!

Same could be said for game two vs the Silverfox (Von on this blog). He did mange to errmmm kill(?) on of my undead ladies but she turned out to be a favorite of Seamus's so he just reanimated her. The Silverfox really liked that bit. ;-)

Tee hee.

16 Aug 2011

Going Ape!

No paint on them yet but here are the members of A.R.C in preperation for unleasing some ape based fury upon Pulp City. I'm really quite looking forward to painting these but I am still in a quandary over whether I should paint them all as angry albinos or stick more to the Pulp City colour schemes.

Hmm. What do you guys think?

15 Aug 2011

My word is that a finished Project?

By golly it's busy on here all of a sudden!

No I haven't done the scenery bit yet but before I shut up shop for a couple of weeks to concentrate on other things I thought I'd better get a couple of projects finished (or damn close).

Finally got the Von Schill gang finished: been waiting on final highlights and basing for a while now! Luckily had a spare couple of hours over the weekend so cracked on.

Von Schill






And now Dystopian Wars... I painted the Prussian Fleet originally in what I thought was a pretty good scheme. And it was - until it met the table and suddenly we couldn't see them as they are tiny models and dark colours just don't work. Also there was the small matter of Eddie's sea bases.

So I set myself the task of bettering what I'd done before and the first 3 Frigates have now rolled out of the paint shop. The sea bases are designed to show fairly rough oceans and need highlighting, washing, highlighting and the ships require a final tidy up but you should get the idea from the pictures. Enjoy :-)

Scenery Challenge

Right then, we have set ourselves a challenge borne out of laziness.

We have all these different systems that we play, but we always seem to play on 40k based terrain.  One of the appeals to us as gamers for the Legends of the Old West, was the amount of Wild West terrain we made or found (especially the Old West train in a charity shop :)  )

So we decided that as we have added a number of smaller skirmish games to our portfolio we ought to add to the secenery that makes the games play more in keeping with the fluff.  We have each made a choice, apart from Eddie who seems to be doing a bit of everything as usual.

Silverfox = Steampunk Refinery for Malifaux
Tea Urn = 80s american city block for Pulp City
Silverback  = Graveyard for Malifaux
Eddie = Starting a number of projects whilst whirling around like a fizzing ball of designing madness with half drawn images, of things like gastanks made out of corned beef tins or forest made out of broccoli, flying everywhere.

Now you know how Malifaux is played on a 3' by 3' board, and at the moment we all end up playing in a 12" x 12" square of close combat.  Well I kind of forget those when I started making the scenery.

The church is from a company called Pegasus miniatures, the majority of the graveyard is from Ainsty (nice guys who sent me scraps out of their bin to pack the parcel out - which sounds bad but wasn't.... I mean they sent me extra bits they were going to throw away) and lastly I have added the new Garden of Morr from GW as well as some of their twisted trees.

To come is a gravediggers hovel, some bushes & paths and anything else I can think of.

After a lot of nagging I was encouraged to put this on the blog today rather then when painted and based etc.

Over to you.

Malifaux - The Miners and Steamfitters Union

Having purchased the Ramos starter pack for the Arcanists in Malifaux I wanted to expand these.

So, Ramos, the Steampunk beastie and the spiders (not a name for a 60s rockband) have been joined by

Mobile toolkit
Brass Arachnid
Injun Joss
Rusty Alice
Electrical Creation
Ice Golem - not sure why yet, apart from he is cool model.
and of course... more spiders.

Empire of the Blazing Sun Fleet sighted

So after caving into some pressure, which succeeded on the roll of an exploding 6.  I chose my fleet and leapt into the orient.  Not Leyton, the Empire of the Blazing Sun, the far east contigent from the Spartan Miniatures game Dystopian Wars.

I picked them as they were not taken by anyone else and the by the news that they would be receiving a kraken submersible.

Sold to the Silverback.

So here you go.  After seeing the great bases that Eddie did, I had to follow suit.  Spackle and 4 layers of Klear floor polish later.