23 Dec 2009

Just Like Old Times

Well after bad weather stopped play yesterday, I spent the time clearing my backlog of painting that has been nagging at me for a while. I have done a deal with myself and I won't start my SotR or my new 40k army until this is done. So first up were 10 Ork Nobs with a variety of Power Klaws, 'Uge Choppas and bits and pieces. You can't see from the pic, but some of these are from Black Reach around, some metal and some from the ork boyz set. All are made with a variety of weapons and bits from different places. All very cool with their jeans and black t-shirt uniform. There is also a Big Mek with a KFF in there and a pain boy. This is a very old figure and comes I think from the Museum de la Freeth. You can really see the size differential in this pic!

After that came a more recent addition, which was a Soul Grinder. A lovely piece to paint, let's hope it lasts as long on the table as Nicks does.

22 Dec 2009

more from the workbench.....

...Sanctioned Peykers this time!

Unit of 9 with an overseer. The psykers were made from High elf archer bodies (which had previously been meant to be flagellants and then bad guys in the DH RPG!) with heads from the flagellants sprue, a bretonnian archer and a zombie.
The staffs were made from various arms holding spears, etc and and the tops I thought were pretty important to define them as psykers, so I took two plastic Imperial Eagles from the Imperial vehicle sprue and stuck them back to back (to make the staffs double sided), filed them to make the join less notice-able and then used a very thin drill bit to drill into both the resulting eagle and the spear that the figure was holding! Pretty fiddly, but I'm pleased with the final result (and it meant I saved £24 on not having to buy GW psykers.....)
The overseer (who has come out a little blurry) is made from an imperial torso, legs from an Empire Free Company with long boots and the helmeted head from the Baneblade sprue. I used that head as it has some nice optical gear, which I reasoned was to help him spot the perils of the warp approaching!
The pointing arm is there as he is either warning a psyker, or pointing to one he's about to finish off. For their own good you understand....

19 Dec 2009

Third post in a day - some kind of record?!?!?!?

Yep, like the proverbial London buses, none for ages then three come at once!

This one is a little one to show my WIP Penal Legion. i had intended to put the Guard away and work on something else now the tourney is done, but gish darn it, I just can't keep away from the little blighters.... So, over the next few weeks, expect to see some of the more esoteric choices from the codex coming to this webspace as I fill up on the choices that I don't currently have available.

Well, these boys are made from a mixture of Empire Flagellant bodies, heads & arms, catachan heads & arms, cadian arms and the Penal Custodian is made from the body of a Valkyrie door-gunner and arms from a cadian (head form the vehicle sprue). Expect to see them flinging themselves into danger in the hopes of earning the emperor's mercy on a tabletop near you once painted.

Second post in a day - Woo-Hoo!

No posts for 6 weeks, then three come along at once - what fun!

Ok, some piccies from the 2nd GOG tourney held in the Garage of Gaming. I'm sure one of you chaps with the official results can post them for posterity at some point, but I can add some nice pictures showing all the participants. Caption competition optional!

First post in six weeks!

As the title says, first post in 6 weeks!

So, what's it going to be about? Well, daemons. Slaanesh daemons. And saving money. Everyone's favourite two topics, I'm sure you'll agree!

Right, so what do I have here then? Fiends of Slaanesh. These bad boys set you back £12 each in the shops. And I wanted 2 units of 6. So before any kind of internet related discount, that would be £144. Ouch. So, in order to avoid bankrupting myself for 360 points of my army, I cannibalised some of the first ever fiends of Slaanesh from the Rogue Trader days that I had used for WFB as Centigors, added heads from some Dryads and claws from both the new daemonettes and ones made from curved spikes from Chaos Spawn sprues. I really rather like the effect on the first 6 and as I have another 6 sitting in blister waiting to be used (courtesy of Mr Freeth's carrier bags of holding!) I should be able to get my 12 together for the grand sum of about £20. Darned sight cheaper than GW anyway, which makes me a very happy bunny.