15 Sept 2017

Some Pulp City for a change and more.

I've been doing pretty well tackling the list of figures I drew up for the 365 challenge but there has been a lot of batch painting this year.

Also on the list were some heroes and villains for Pulp City. We've not played this in ages but I have been working on my city scenery with the primary purpose of getting more games of PC. I'm thinking about making it an early hobby objective for the beginning of 2018 to get the scenery ready so now I've got double reasons to paint them. This has afforded me a break from batch painting masses of thing the same colour. A refreshing change.

This takes me down to 76 left to do before December 10th to complete 365.

I've not had the opportunity to paint much at work lately but today I managed to get the first colour on some Iron Warrior terminators for 30K.

30K had gone a bit cold lately partly I suspect because of the prospect of playing it in 7th edition. Not massively appealing since we've moved to 8th edition.

However....you gotta love the gamer fans! Some stalwart fellows have begun to created legion lists for 30K and they have finished the core legion stuff already.

Link to the Heresy 8th project

 Looks like the legion specific stuff is going up too! A truly excellent piece of work from those fellows. So with that on the cards my mind had turned to getting some games of 30K lined up and I also fancy trying some of the other missions from 8th. There are assault scenarios in the book for attacking defended positions and it stuck me that this might be fun to do for 30K.

So I got some walls from TTCombat and some big guns to be emplacements.

This is just the first set of each. Another gun and another wall set to be made. I also want to dress them slightly to make them fit the Grimdark a bit better. I've made some molds of skull bits and light fittings to add to them.

But I need to get some more figures painted first before letting myself get to distracted by that!

Colours 2017 wargaming show in Newbury at the weekend so i'm bound to find even more distractions there!


Game 43

This game was a couple of weeks ago but I'm only just recovered from the almighty kicking that BFG gave me with his Ravenwing terminators! Again. ;-)

I tried to be a bit bolder in this game sending off stuff on my left flank to get some sorts on the squad of Dark Angels advancing that way.

However my shooting wasn't particularly effective and they kept on advancing.....

...to join their mates who deep struck in. Oh dear.

From that point onward I was mainly fighting a retreat whilst trying to steal cheeky points from the objectives.

The Terminators just, kept, coming.

Until I was basically stuck in a corner and holding the centre, briefly.

I wasn't totally one sided as the terminators were dropping but not quickly enough. I did get one or two lucky opportunities....

..pew pew...

but the BFG did good on his saves with a little command dice help if memory serves me.

A win for the Dark Angels but I had the satisfaction of seeing my techmarine proxy deal out some hurt on some unsuspecting Angels! Who would have thought that a techmarine be good against heavies like terminators???

It's a techmarine. Honest.


Games 39, 40, 41 & 42

Last year I backed the Massive Darkness board game kickstarter and it finally turned up in August.

CMON have a reputation for delivering a lot for their backers on their kickstarters and I have to say I was not disappointed. As well as backing it for what looked like a fun game I thought it would be a good way to start a fantasy figure collection for any future role playing I might end up doing for my kids when they are a bit older. I only went for the base pledge plus one additional box of monsters but this meant I ended up with something in the region of 150 figures! Yoiks!

Ain't gonna to lie, this was fun to unbox!

The game itself is fun and the basic rule book contains ten missions that are very different. The kickstarter exclusive stuff also comes with more tiles and six more missions. Seeing that CMON are good at after sales support with additional releases I'm expecting this to have potential for a lot of games.

Soooo.. game 39 was a test game I played by myself to learn the rules....and play with my brand new toys. It started out well enough open a door, find baddies have a scrap! Usual sort of stuff. At the end of each round an event card is drawn. These can be benign but most cause you more trouble by creating extra mobs or bad guys or wondering monsters like.....

...oh crap. Giant Spider.

It was still early in the game so my adventurers hadn't had a chance to find much in the way of new equipment to tool themselves up so this fight didn't last long. Still a good test of the rules and fun!

mutter mutter fething Giant Spider.

Game 40 was the first multi player go at it and we played the first mission again with more success.
I'd been using three heroes when four seems to be the optimal number. Other people have been saying that five or six heroes makes it too easy so four seems to be the way forward.

Game 41 was a mission to stop......

...yeah you guessed it. The Giant Spider.

We only just managed to kill it on the square before the exit. The time element added loads of pressure to this making it a pretty cool scenario.

Game 42 was called the Chosen One. We had to scour the board looking for elements of an Artifact which a nominated character then had to exit the board with.

We thought we are boned on turn two as the Hellspawn appeared front an event card to make our day more interesting. A cool mechanic of the game is that these monsters get random treasure and if it is weaponry or armour that they can use......they do. It makes things much harder when you randomly kit out an already hard as nails baddie with a shiny set of plate mail!

Thankfully we managed to battle our way though to the end and Brave Sir Owen lofted the artifact high and declared his self the chosen saviour!

Bit of an ego that one!

The next mission looks like a tough one involving a collapsing dungeon! eek!

Now to crack on a get some of the figures painted!


Game 38

Game 38 was an objectives game with the mission cards piting the BFG's Ravenwing Terminators against my Howling Griffons artillery list.

Another one I neglected to take photos for.

God! New terminators are NAILS! They soak up so much fire and I could not stop them getting to my lines.

The Griffons took an early lead on points but the Dark Angels kept on coming. I can't quite remember who actually won it but I think it was a final round win to BFG as he pipped me by one point close game.


Game 37

Junt and I played a straight up battle at 75pts a side. His Imperial Guard vs the Howling Griffons.

Sadly I forgot to take many photos during the game but it was a right shooting match. Both sides taking a lot of damage but I'd gotten lucky early on and taken out most of a lascannon squad which would have given me some real headaches if it had stayed around.

The Guard tanks dished out a lot of damage but the Griffons thunderfire and whirlwind barrages proved too much. Swooping around the Storm talon made itself invaluable delivering some great shots against the tanks.

A win for the Griffons but at a high cost.


Game 36

More 40K as we had the taste for it!

Game 36 used the diagonal deployment, the mission cards and objective markers. Junt's IG stood shoulder to shoulder with the scarlet and gold of the heroic Howling Griffons.

This isn't a bias report honest.

Arrayed against them were Urn's soulless clanking Necrons bringing with them the unpleasant whiff of damp compost. Urging them on and whispering evils ideas were the Silverfox's forces of chaos including ..... shudder....the Khorne Berserkers.

From the outset both forces pushed forward with a lot of fire being concentrated in the centre. The power Demolishers made some early gains against the Khorne forces but the Necrons proved unrelenting once again.

On the Imperial right flank the marines pushed forward against a formation of chaos cultists hoping to break them and gain some objectives.

However the dark forces had focused their attacks in the centre and the berserkers dealt out some horrible damage.

Despite the Ogryns helping mop up the berserkers the dark forces took the day.

Great game. Poor old Silverfox took the brunt of the fire as the Necron blob squads make themselves less appealing as a target with their unwillingness to STAY DOWN!!! Gits!



14 Sept 2017

Game 35

Game 35 can be summed up with a roar of Space Wolf bikes and the clatter of the multitude of bolters, power fists and storm shields that they can carry.

Then, when they've finished shooting you....

...they hit you with soooooo many chainswords!

Not even a C'tan can halt their advance!

Short and brutal shoeing!


Game 34

34 was a cracking game with Fark and the Silverfox bringing the Imperials up against my Eldar.

I felt confident with my wave serpents drawn up against to smallish armies of marines. I knew that the ravenwing Terminators traditionally died to massed firepower and I'd brought that to the table! Oh yeah I'm gunna shoot me some termina......


No I'm not. They are as tough as old boots! And then once you finally managed to kill the fecker with the stormshield who fends off all the Reaper missiles.....the Apothecary brings him back the next round. Git!

The terminators weathered a hail of shots round after round seized the objective and I just couldn't stop them strolling off with it. A solid win for the Imperials. I should have been much more aggressive and steamed forward.

We learned in this game that the cover save added to power armour makes Devastator squads hard to kill. Oh my yes they are hard to get rid of!


Game 33

Another round of Nu-40K at Urns.

This time Junts IG teaming with those pesky undying Necrons whilst The eldritch Farseer Silverfox added his eldar to mine.

I didn't bring a Wraithknight this time cos......god didn't they go on about it last time! ;-)

The Tanks of the IG made themselves a target for the Eldar lances partly due to the Necrons stubborn unwillingness to DIE!!!

Don't remember the result but we were enjoying the new rules.


Game 32

We've been playing pretty consistently all year.

Blogging about it? Not so much.

So to catch up.

Game 32

See that Necron flyer?

No you don't! First shots of the game! Tee Hee!

Nu 40K had arrived and a gathering of minds took place at Urn's on a Saturday night.

Urn and the Silverfox with Necrons and Khorne vs Me and Gareth with Eldar and Space Puppies. There was much leafing of pages and checking of stats but at the end we concluded that we liked it. Much simplified and it felt quick and easy.

The main thing we learned was just how horrible Khornate Berserkers are in 8th edition.

Absolute filth!


5 Sept 2017

The end is in sight!

Another 22 figures done!

Additional troops for the Iron Hands and the Mechanicum.

Only 86 left to go to reach the 365 for the year.