6 Dec 2018

Deadline: Thursday!

So lets play Age of Sigma they said.

We'll do it next Thursday they said.

Right 1000 points I said, I'll finish of my GoGX Daemons I thought, or at least 1000 points of them.

Now I have no attention span (made worse by my recent illness), I am great at starting projects, not so hot at finishing them but after playing some 30k with an unfinished army I really wanted to get this done so I cobbled together enough bits to finish and get the required points.

I always wanted to something different with the basing so I followed a tutorial on line and came up with these.....

Lava bases.

Now I think that those infused with the power of the Chaos Gods can walk on lava without issue, but its a lot of yellow and orange so I thought sod it I'll add little bits of stone later I just need to get this done for Thursday.

So wet blending at 5am, furiously adding ink stained Modge Podge coats prior to training sessions with my PT, being late to work and not getting enough sleep but I got them done.

I'm not a great painter but I am really pleased with the bases, and this army is plenty good enough for the table top.

Thursday, game night, my Khorne Daemons finally hit the table, the last coats drying on the bases, just going to finish off the black base edging and print off the unit stats and guess what?

It's months end and I'm busy at work they said.
I'm away they said.
I've got man flu they said.

No game then 😞

Well at least I got them ready 😈

Deadline: XMAS!

I’ve made more progress on my Chain of Command US Army force over the last few days. Batch painting this many will take a while but will be the most efficient way to get them done. I hope to get them done to use over the Xmas period. Bit of a tall order but I’ll try!

I’ve also started the Oriental Nef that I picked up from Blotz at the Warfare Gaming Show. I’m pretty pleased with how it’s come out. Hopefully with a bit of paint I’ll be able to make the side sails look slightly less flat.

I really must take stock in the New Year as I've got sooo many things started. A list! I must make a list of things to finish in 2019!


20 Nov 2018

"No sign of the rebels my lord!"

"I find your lack of painted rebels....disturbing".

Come on boys! Get 'em painted!



What next?

So as the Star Wars Legions project is in its final stages I'm considering what will be next.

It's a simple answer really as The Silverback has been making noises about laying Chain of Command over the Christmas period. As I haven't got a single figure painted for this, I'd best get a wiggle on!

At Colours Urn's sharp eyes found an absolute bargain. £8.00 for an unopened box of Warlord US army. So...circumstance dictated that I was collecting a force of GI's. Works with me! ;-)

So construction begins.....

...don't have any photos yet but...OMG..the Warlord figures are sooooo fiddly to put together...well the arms and guns are.

I still need to finish the last piece of the crashed ship. Its all together but needs another spray which is something I have annoyingly run out of. I also need it for my submarine.

I designed this earlier this year but it took a while for it go into production with the lovely folks at Blotz. I'm looking forward to painting this!

I've also finished most of my Stormtroopers and the extra units that folks kindly got me for my birthday.

I recently got a great big bit of felt to be a base mat for my Jakku board. I've tried a few little tests to see if painting the felt is viable.


Crashed ship part 2

I’ve been forging ahead trying to get the crashed ship finished.

This involved many evenings dry brushing and weathering with powders and washes. I’m fairly pleased with how they’ve come out.

Only one left to do now – the nose section but I’ve run out of black spray and I’m waiting on a delivery of more cans.

After this I need to get a desert mat sorted for the table. I’ve seen several but I still have a hang up about spending £50+ on a mat even if they are really detailed.


21 Sept 2018

The Crashed ship

In an earlier post I talked about how I'd ended up doing some CAD designs that Blotz were kindly going to turn into actual kits. The first set is finished and I'v got all but one of the kits in the set now.

Now I've got my mitts on them I'm going to start painting them as soon as I've finished the Stormtroopers. Basically I want to take some cool photos of the ship set once it is painted and need the troopers to add into the pictures. ;-)

The smallest set is just some barricades made from hull fragments.

Several of the pieces are side hull sections. I was still learning at this point but tried to keep some design consistency running through the set and used copied details to try and achieve this.


cargo door

Evac deck

There are two different escape pods in the set. One intact that fits into the Evac deck as an un-jettisoned pod and one which has crashed.

I'd tried to make it reminiscent of the crashed star destroyers on Jakku and I think the engine nozzles is probably the piece that captures that the most.

Junt gave me an idea for an internal bulkhead door which was nice and simple but good for placing between hull pieces on the table.

The other bits make up the command structure on the ship with a bridge, raised observation deck and the radar domes.

I'm aiming to get it all finished in the next few weeks so I can pop it down and get some piccies of the (almost) complete set.

Plenty to keep me busy!


As summer comes to a close....

I've been a busy boy lately but I need to be as I've got so many projects on the go at the moment that it is hard to know what to try and finish. Especially difficult as I want to do it all!

I have made some efforts to try and get small jobs done and put away as I have soooo many bits and bobs hanging around in the man cave prepped and undercoated.

The VSF project is still bubbling away quietly. I’m waiting on a few more Aeronefs from Blotz but thought I’d get some crew painted whilst I wait for them. I find little sets of figures like this refreshing to paint as they tend to be pretty different to the massed batch painting that comes with wargaming forces.

Also started some deck guns for the VSF which shouldn’t take long to do.

Also finished were some much needed additions to my Iron Warriors force. Sadly their first outing was less than stellar as they got absolutely smashed by a leviathan with a grav-bombard!

Bit of scenery done as well. Started them ages ago and had stalled on the painting the beige. Got a second coat on finally and then added some weathering. Lovely models!

Been building more stuff despite having lots on the go already. Couldn’t resist putting together the Dunecrawler from a cheap purchase starter box purchase from Ebay. Very cool figure and I’m looking forward to painting a bundle of stuff for the Mechanicum soon.

Priority does seem to have shifted to the Star Wars Legions stuff in the last few days as I picked up all but the last kit for the crashed star ship range that I designed with Blotz earlier in the year. Whilst I’m getting the scenery sorted I’ve started getting my Imperial forces done. They were a cheap double set that Junt spotted for Tea Urn and I. We snapped it up! They were badly put together and poorly undercoated but with a bit of TLC they’ve come out okay. I did a test one to see how much of a pain the black and white scheme was to paint but it wasn’t too much of an issue so I’m looking forward to painting these now!

The dreads and the servo crane set have taken me up to 204 items painted this year which I’m okay with. I’ve lost count of how much I’ve purchase this year which is far from my intention of only buying a minimal amount.