28 Feb 2009

Steel Legion Armoured fist!

Well here we are.....last day of the month again and posting my 250 pointer for the GoG army!

I have a chimera shown here, however I intend to replace this one with a Hanomag once it arrives.

This will be in keeping with the whole WWII German theme I am following.

I will also be using another Hanomag to transport my Ogryn......gotta have them!!! New rules coming that makes them irresistable! So I also get to use my beloved original Ogryn figures, six of them!

This time around I have used a mix of GW washes on the base colours and I have also colour coded the arm badges to set the out as a different unit from the infantry Platoons.

I have also noted the "Bodyguard" entry in the sneak releases, this led me to think on using a model which I bought for my Demonhunters army 4 years ago.

WiP.....few more conversions with wysiwyg on the officers and their trademark items.
Next month a peek at these trademark items and the biker gangs "Rough riders".

26 Feb 2009

Of behalf of Edward Artillery (coz he can't get it to upload)

I Tried to resist but…….

….I succumbed to the urge to make and mould.

A few months ago I had a conversation with Varistat about drop-pods.

Ergo - it is his fault!

To summarise the conversation: Wouldn’t it be great to have lots of drop pods.

This idea never left me. They never do sadly. They just swim around in the void behind my eyes and then randomly force their way back into my consciousness.

I spent this weekend making a master to be moulded. I decided to ape the style of the GW drop-pod but went for a quartering rather than the five sided look of the GW ones. The main reason for this being that it would be easier to fit the bleeders together after casting.

Sunday I poured the mould and skipped home on Monday full of glee to find the mould had worked pretty well. Sadly, however, my hopes that the 5mm top vanes would survive extraction from the mould were dashed.

Plan B. Trip to Alec Tiranti to buy casting resin & filler to reduce the amount of resin needed. Tuesday night – four successful casts. Clearly they still need flash removing and some work to tidy certain details but generally I think it has come out fairly well.

I think they should look pretty pucker in the Griffins colours!!

if i could get my pictures up I'd be dangerous....

...so here they are for the month!

1 unit of sisters (with obligatory rhino) and a unit of 7 Seraphim. The seraphim benefited from a re-basing and a bright new green colour for their smocks. After differentiating the celestians with purple outfits i decided that each of the types of sister should have their own colour, and I'd recently discovered a way of highlighting green that I was pleased with so green it was.

I now only need to build & paint the turret of an exorcist and finish painting the turret of an immolator and I'll be at 1,500. Good job really, as my attention is really starting to wander to other projects instead of thinking about my last 500 points. Now wher did i leave those dark Eldar.....

23 Feb 2009

Deep striking in with 1250 Points

What a busy month this has been! Spent the first 3 weeks putting together my 2000 points of Tzeentch for the Rhondda Valley tournie - pictures to follow at some point.

Somehow I've found the time to add my 250 points for this month as well (don't want to miss out on points!!).

So here's the fancy new Heavy Support choice: Call him MISTER Daemon Prince. He'll be Tzeentch'ed up hence the blue and gold armour.

Next up my new favourite model: a Bloodcrusher. The Juggernaut paints up really easily. This chap was painted on a Friday afternoon in a B&B in Aberdare, Wales. He was then finished off after the Rhondda Valley tournie on the Saturday night whilst catching up with Match of the Day.
And finally a quick 35 points needed for the month - The 5th Flamer!
After a few games at the lower points values I've decided that small troop units with 5+ saves are just not cutting the mustard. So my army list has changed considerably (whilst not losing anything already painted); out go the planned Pink Horrors and Flesh Hounds. Final list at this time has...
Lord of Change
Flamers (x5)
Bloodcrushers (x4)
Bloodletters (x16)
Daemonettes (x17)
Plaguebearers (x10)
Heavy Support
Soul Grinder
Daemon Prince

Next Month: Bloodletters, Daemonettes and another Bloodcrusher I think...

13 Feb 2009

Braggina System Update

The Sisters are doing it for themselves. Many planets have fallen to the ravenous ladies and so it has now become the aim of every self-respecting GOG to annihilate the VariStat. Which should then leave the way for the Daemons to steal in....

Oh and the next victim of the Guard will be fighting on the Guard home planet so remember the BFG gets a free re-roll every turn! If they lose then they be Pirates.

VariStat = Dalton System. Home is D'Abo Gold.
Planets Owned (9): D'Abo Gold, Whittaker Arms, Sanchez IV, Coin Zerbe, Wintkidd Forever, Di Vicenzo Fall, Lobe Savalas III, Kurylenko VII, Le Chiffre Mort

SilverBack = Moore System. Home is Katanga Air.
Planets Owned (5): Katanga Air, Scaramanga's Gun, Jaws of Drax, Zorin, Goldfinger III

Eddy = Lazenby System. Home is Blofeld Spectre.
Planets Owned (3): Blofeld Spectre, Spirit Blunt, Vesper's Green,

SilverFox = Craig System. Home is Mikkelsen Desolation.
Planets Owned (2): Mikkelsen Desolation, Largo Rock

BFG = Connery System. Home is Klebb's Love.
Planets Owned (1): Klebb's Love

No Name = Brosnan System. Home is Onatopp.
Planets Owned (4): Onatopp, Bean Trevelyan, Zukovsky's Tower, Frost Graves V

The January Meldrew

So here are the votes of the Meldrew Jury

No games in January so just painting points this month:

3 Points
Eddy, Silverback, BFG, Silver Fox

0 Points
VariStat, No Name

8 Feb 2009

Here come the Romans

Having completed the GOG portion of Orkyness for February, I turned my brush to my first batch of Romans.

And here they are (basing to follow). I would point out that the shields are totally hand painted... by a professional whose work is then turned into transfers.

5 Feb 2009

It's Nob Time

Well after much thought about this months plan, I decided to take a break from assembling and painting trukks. I have the deffkoptas assembled, but I thought that if I wanted the army to remain competitive as the points raise, I needed to start my Nob bikers. I searched through my stack of Orky bits and located 4 more bikes to assemble.

I worked out that in order to get the best from them I needed to build a Painboy to go with them. I then made an elementary schoolboy error in so far that I assembled the bike and then went to the Ork spearhead to get the painboy... only to find that the spearhead does not contain any painboys. I therefore decided to stick with a normal nob sized ork and pick him out as a painboy by painting his bike white with a couple of red crosses on it. Of course he has his faithful gort orderly 'Samantha' following him around on a push bike to further enhance his battlefield cred. I had a bike which the BFG had found at warfare before chrimbo, so after searching through my box of grots I found one with a suitable set of legs to use, but I replaced his hand with something more in keeping!

And yes before you ask, that is the Warboss from Black Reach (around) cut onto a bike. With the chopped forks and the old Nob Banner on the front it looks awesome and would actually have made a decent Wazdakka. The slight shiny look is due to the wash still being a touch moist!!.

To differeniate between the nobs and normal bikers, I decided to 'chop' the front forks. I purchased some suitable plastic rod from my local model/craft shop and the process went well as I hope you can see from the pics. So 260 pts of Nobs all done. For the final army there will be two more of these gentle folk, but they will follow another month.

To be honest I have now assembled 15 of these bikes and I getting quite good at it, I wish the same could be said of the trukks, I am still waiting for the BFG to start his.

Next Month, deffkoptas and 2 more Nobs. Onwards and upwards, although what to do with the extra 250 is a bit of a challenge especially as I have used all 6 troop choices.