31 Dec 2014

Chaos space marine bikers - conversion time!

Sometimes I spend too much on gaming. Sometimes I'm a right cheapskate when buying things.  I've long since given up trying to work out why I swing wildly from one to the other, sometimes even for the same army.

I'm sure you also know that I really enjoy converting. My painting is an ok tabletop standard and I don't have the patience to learn the advanced techniques or get an airbrush. So I often rely on conversions to feel like my army is standing out a little.

So when the cheapskate in me kicked in when thinking about getting some chaos space marine bikers, it was a perfect chance to go for some conversions given how all the troops in that army are converted.

A meander through the various ranges on offer in both 40k and WFB led me to the chaos marauder horseman. Really nice new sculpts and only £15 odd quid for 5 as opposed to £40 for the "official" bikers. Add in the torsos from the dark vengeance set and lots of chopping and sticking and I had my conversions.

So here are the first four:

And here are the next four:

I got to eight by using 3 WFB Empire knights horses that I had lying around, from another project of years ago that never got off the ground.

Lots of religious craziness from scrolls, etc.

Two plasma guns and a lightning claw for sarge.

My chaos force is coming along nicely now and hopefully I'll keep the momentum up in the new year to get an army finished......... About 8 years after it was started!

Dreadball Veer-Myn

Here they are, my third dread ball team!

All spruced up ready for the alternate jungle zone boards that we bought a couple of months ago.

Minor conversions on the duplicates to make them all (slightly) different. Numbers added for star player points appropriation and lines added to show the front and backs of the bases.

Right - who's up for getting a duffing in the dread ball arena then?!?!?

Saga Welsh -finally finished!

As mentioned previously I've joined a "painting challenge" on another blog and it's inspired me to get try to get lots of the things sitting around on the shelves of holding done.

First up were the remain of my saga figures. 12 levy

The dog is a random addition when I thought I was a miniature down as saga requires units in multiples of 4.

And 8 warriors.

Really good to get these done, years after buying them, and perhaps we'll be able to get a game in soon. Either that or up to the loft they shall go until something else crops up for them.

17 Dec 2014

Now off to Father Xmas for wrapping

Finally after consuming pretty much all of my lunchtime hobby time at work for the last four months I have now finished the dollhouse for my daughter. This has been a labour of love but I am so pleased that it is finished not only because it is a Christmas present but because it has taken so long.

Not wargaming but definitely hobby stuff!

12 Dec 2014

Lion Khymarae conversions finally done for the Dark Eldar!

I really, really like these lion sculpts from the GW elf lion chariot. Originally these were "painted" as part of my great idea of doing everything in white with light army painter..... And frankly it all looked a bit rushed and rubbish.

So, I've finally re-based them and painted them in line with the rest of my DE army and went for red and black..... Because they're evil!

Eight nasty beasties who are currently marauding over an imperial guard encampment if the bases are anything to go by

They're now on the proper bases for Khymerae and I'm looking forward to getting them on the table actually looking ok.