26 Jan 2011

World Eaters recruitment drive

Please welcome some new recruits to the ranks of the World Eaters.

Evil Monkey and I are off to Cardiff in Feb and we need 2,000 point armies so I had to acquire a couple of hundred extra points. I love Choas Termies and with some Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket I ended up in GW Southampton and a box of Termies appeared.

4 of them will be taking part and joining the Chaos Lord in his Land Raider.

Heavy Flamer Dude
Combi-Flamer & Chainfist
Lightning Claws
Power Fist (he's the odd one out for Cardiff)
Icon of Chaos Glory to help out as these ancient warriors of Chaos are not fearless...
Next up I'm going for finishing projects that started a while back and adding more stuff to the World Eaters as I'm enjoying the painting a great deal at the moment.

In the future expect to see Tzeentch Marines, WE Bezerkers, WE Possessed, WE Raptors, WE Bikers, Cryx Warmachine expansion and Dystopian Wars Prussians.

Also Evil Monkey and I are going for a Tale of 2 armies in an effort to encourage me to complete my Orks. He's doing an Eldar army based on Spider-Man so expect lots of red and blue + Warp Spiders. We aim to have 500 points each completed by the end of Feb and then 250 points every couple of months. Expect regular updates as we make progress.

24 Jan 2011

Holiday pics

So as you will know we have been away enjoying ourselves.  We hope that some of the pictures below will help you understand what we have been doing for the last two weeks.

We have been on the white beaches of paradise, snorkelling, kayaking, been in bed :), been in the disco and enjoyed some beautiful sunsets.  All in all a great holiday.

Now back to reality!

6 Jan 2011

What I did at Christmas...

...well mainly eat, drink & paint Germans.

23 bases of LMG infantry 2 command stands and 4 HMG support stands.

Left to paint is......

3 Anti Tank guns
4 Panzerfaust teams
11 Half tracks
6 Inf command stands
4 Nebelwefer bases + command & observers
4 10.5cm Arty guns
Arty HQ and numerous observers
2 88s with command squad
4 Inf morter teams + command & Obs
3 AA guns + Command.

Oh. Thats quite a lot really isn't it.
I won't mention the 7 tanks that I haven't even put together yet!
Or the scenery that needs painting.

Well at least I know what I'm doing in 2011.