20 Dec 2010

Ultramarine the Movie

Is it any good?

Well I'm going to say yes it is. Am I Bias? Yes I'm bound to be!

I remember as a teenager leafing through White Dwarf, issue 92 I think, and I was blown away at the launch of 40K Rogue Trader. 20 Years later and someone has finally based a film on it! Great!

The film itself isn't very strong story-wise but it is enough to carry it along. Characters are generally weak but not so much that you want them to die. The animation is quite clunky in places but you'd have to be a real pedant to let it bother you.

I'm making it sound like a mediocre film aren't I. Well it is but I still like it.



The clatter of a heavy bolter, the bobbing whoosh of a scouting landspeeder and the rocket burn of a thunderhawk dropping planetward from a huge marine battle barge. All are the sort of things that bring the game to life for us. This film brings them to life.

It has been a long wait but I think it was worth it.

I hope it paves the way for more.

10 Dec 2010

FoW continues!

Some more (slow) progress with my FoW germans. I've painted three snipers before any other infantry in order to get a feel for painting camo on figures at this scale. Not brilliant but it will definately do!

6 Dec 2010

Official German Camo Schemes....

....are right out of the window.

I've decided to paint my FoW Germans in all sorts of camo schemes which rely more on my mood at the time of painting than any real historical inspiration. More photos to follow but here is one of my Panzer IVs.

Tiger to follow!


5 Dec 2010

Oi - Stop Shovin at the Back!

Now that the Daemons are done (well ok nearly done) I needed a new project. So, so tempted to get my Dark Eldar going but decided that since I have 3000 points (old book) already up and running that I can use that for now.

So it's time to clear the shelves.

That means either Orks, Wolves, Eldar or Warmachine. The Nids have gone to that great bring and buy in the sky and back to GW for changing into Dark Eldar.

Warmachine: not yet.
Wolves: don't fancy power armour.
Eldar: not going to happen and as it is Evil Monkey has decided to he wants to do Eldar alongside his new Blood Angels (chip off the old block: I'm so proud). So he's already done a test Guardian and has done a good job (must organise photo).

That leaves Orks. I fancy a horde army so with 40 Boyz already undergoing painting I decided to build everything else up. I will spray this once the weather warms up a little!

Here you'll find: 19 Boyz + Nob with Power Klaw, 10 Nobz including Painboy, Big Mek (well who can't resist the KFF?), Warboss, 5 Deffkoptas, 3 Killa Kans (lovely spiky new models), Deff Dread (gorgeous new plastic) and 8 Lootas. This leaves me with a Battlewagon to build and that will be 1750 done. All the Boyz have come from Black Reach swaps and I've still got another 22 left!!

To get to 2000 I expect I'll add some Stormboyz for the fun and some normal Boyz to boost the 3 squads to 25...

Expect Blue Orks on a tabletop near you in the coming months!!