11 May 2014

More mechanicum

So a bit of painting done this weekend. 3 x thallax, Mage domus and an old mechanicum figure from 1992.  Pictured in front of the limited edition box set 😄😄😄

7 May 2014

Test figure for DG and my first mechanicum

So, a lucky chaos space marine went retro as my test figure for the basic DG scheme.  What is missing from this is some streaking and more wear and tear on the armour, but that can be added to the proper figures.

Then with a spare hour I decided to paint a castellax, easy paint job.  Once I get weathering the vehicles there wil be dust on the legs of this, but no need yet.

2 May 2014

HH Death Guard stick-a-thon complete

Here you go, my mostly complete HH Death Guard and mechanicum force.

Left to do, but are not here from Forgeworld are 5 more Grave wardens, some Myrmidon destructors, Typhon and 5 plasma gunners.

The list in the pic is

30 marines
5 heavy sp las cannons
5 destroyer marines
5 flames
2 Apothocaries
Champion and master of signals
10 Deathshroud terminators
5 grave wardens
5 terminators
Grav rapier gun
Contemptor with auto cannon and power fist
3 rhinos
Sicarius battle tank
Legion Medusa
6 thallax
Rad archMage
8 servitors
1992 mechanicum Mage

As a comparison, here are the three terminator types I have