31 Mar 2016

Forging on.

Next in the queue for their first coat of red are......

..one Deredeo and a Sicaran.

Next is a Contemptor and then they'll all get their second coat of red. The second coat is always a lot quicker so I find it easier to get several to the same point and batch paint from that point. Once the red is done I'll whack a few transfers on and then it'll just be a case of a bit of detailing and the weathering. I'm still hoping to get these finished for the 9th.


30 Mar 2016

The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge output

As mentioned, I've been taking part in the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge that ran for three months up to about a week ago. It's been a fantastic spur to get things done and this is what I've managed.....

A couple of new toys for the salamanders and a COMPLETELY PLAYABLE WORDBEARERS ARMY (really pleased with that one, hence the caps)
Some other odds and ends

I reckon that's about 80% of my annual output in three months!

Time for a change of focus now, with some other game systems getting a chance.

29 Mar 2016

Back to work!

Two weeks ago I was motivated, energised and full of momentum to get stuff finished for my Iron Hands.

Then the lurgy happened. Ug.

Thankfully I, and most of the family, have now shaken off the bug and I can get back to painting. It's less than two weeks until we are having a Horus Heresy GoG bash so I really want to try and finish one or two more fun things for that. The last of the infantry will have to wait!

First coat of red on some jetbikes last night. Fun figures and nice to paint.


28 Mar 2016


I built my death guard before the move to 32mm bases.  I must admit that marines do look better in larger bases, more in proportion I think. 

Rather than rip them off the old bases on start again I acquired some of the adaptors that were established through a Kickstarter.  These are excellent and very quick to stick on.  All I then needed to do was replicate the old basing on the new bit.  Still a couple of hours work but I think it was worth the effort.

27 Mar 2016

Bloab Rotspawn

So with a gap in the painting queue I turned my attention to some Age of Sigmar stuff for the Chaos forces of papa nurgle...

Been a while

I am feverishly working on my Imperial Fists. I have undercoated and washed the vast majority, now working through the individual squads. 
My Cataphractii Terminators and their brethren. Seemed fitting to give them all veteran status! Little more work needed, then on to the Tac squads, Breacher Squads, Sword Brethren and Templars!

24 Mar 2016

Ogre support

So Fark had left his ogres around my house and I couldn't resist the stone horn  - this is a great figure and one that itches to be painted.  he had done a decent tabletop standard to get them ready for the big game at the WHC, but I wanted to go a little further ....

Wordbearers infantry..... Finished

These were the last of the heresy era Wordbearers that I did in the painting challenge and it's the fun stuff.

First up, the Gal Vorbak. These are legionnaries who have allowed daemons to possess them and share their bodies
As forgeworld only do 5 different figures, I did 5 as standard
And five converted using bits from across the GW range.
Really please with how they came out as I tried to keep the palette limited.

They're a little larger than normal marines, guess the daemons are a little like super steroids!

Next up, the other Wordbearer specific unit, the ashen circle

Loads of great detail etched into the sculpts, so I got a break from having to use decals

Time for a break from Wordbearers now, although I may well do an army shot shortly.

21 Mar 2016

More 30k Wordbearers

So, my painting challenge has just wrapped up and input in a special burst of effort to try to get the rest of my 30k heresy era Wordbearers infantry done.

Amongst these were missile launcher heavy support squad from the Betrayal at Calth boxed set
Got to love the homage to the rogue trader era missile launchers
Moulded shoulder pads and loads of religious decals
And then some HQs to lead my forces of religious loonery into battle.
Two chaplains, appropriately enough
One to lead the jump pack unit and the other for the unit of foot
They are the chaplain from the Valth boxed set with a power axe added from the FW Skorr figure and the other is the limited edition DA chaplain from the starter box with all DA stuff sanded off and a hooded head added with an inquisitor hand and book
I figure he'll do me for Erebus too.

Next up - more Wordbearers!

19 Mar 2016

To Err is human, to Arrrrrrrrr is pirate!

Here they are, some pirates.
What's that? Why would I paint pirates when I'm not playing any pirate games? Good question...... I just had them undercoated and the muse took me where it did, so here they are
Some civvies are part of it for objectives and table dressing
And the scurvy seadogs
As part of the painting challenge I'm doing, we agree to send a painted miniature to the organiser that matches the theme of "risk takers and gamblers". This pirate captain seemed perfect as being a pirate is a pretty big risk - especially if you wear a skull and crossbones on your hat!
Got ta love hat turtle on the base, right?
And finally, the Playmobil ship that I've finally finished. New masts, figure head, cabin door and window on the back to make it look nice, then a lick of paint and some of the worst rigging you'll ever see on a model ship.....
My excuse is that it keeps the decks clear for playing with miniatures!
Rear window

16 Mar 2016

Sticking at it!

I've vowed not to let myself slow down with the painting after getting most of the Iron Hands Infantry done. So with that in mind the next tranche has been rolled onto the painting table. More infantry, two dreadnoughts, some jetbikes and the Sicarian.

Also in the queue were some Thallax but that was just for the early dry brushing stage. They'll be side lined until later.

Oodles of coats of red to paint now. Joy.


11 Mar 2016

Dark Mechanicum Draykavac

Like Charles Darwin, Led Zeppelin and most religions this wasn't my idea and I have plagiarised other people's work.

I saw on an eBay this conversion for sale as part of a £2k auction of mechanicum stuff.  I loved it at first sight as I was never really happy with the original FW version.  

So I purchased anothe skitarii starter set (insane value for money) and kit bashed the two in true Morton style.

I am very chuffed with the outcome and the Vallejo Gold is a great counter colour to the oily steel and black.

I can't wait to get this guy on a table soon.

9 Mar 2016


Batch painting 50 infantry is a slog.

Hadn't set out to do it but I am very please to have finished them now. I does mean that the bulk of my troops choices are done.

First up....the Anvil marines in one big Tactical Squad.

Some FW earlier power armour for my second Tactical Squad. I have another five amrines which will be added to this unit once finished.

Next up the support squad.

There'll be a squad of melta guns coming in the next round of painting to give me some much needed anti-armour.

For lighter armour we have the Autocannon unit and some Volkite dudes to provide some anti-infantry support.

So now for my Iron Hands I have the following painted:

HQ Centurion in Terminator (92)
HQ Centurion (55)

T 20 Marines (250)
T 15 Marines (210)
T 5 Support Marines with Volkites (125)

H 5 Autocannons (160)
H 5 Volkite Heavy (185)

Total (1077)

The HQs were painted last year but I've still managed to get a good chunk done in just over three weeks. I am resolved to keep plugging away and to get all but the biggest nastiest things (like the Fellblade) painted over the next two months.

So Next up on the painting table is the melta squad and additional tactical marines and also two Forgefathers. I'll probably throw in a solitary quad las that I've got undercoated.

After those? Its gotta be the terminators before finally getting to the fun stuff.