9 Mar 2016


Batch painting 50 infantry is a slog.

Hadn't set out to do it but I am very please to have finished them now. I does mean that the bulk of my troops choices are done.

First up....the Anvil marines in one big Tactical Squad.

Some FW earlier power armour for my second Tactical Squad. I have another five amrines which will be added to this unit once finished.

Next up the support squad.

There'll be a squad of melta guns coming in the next round of painting to give me some much needed anti-armour.

For lighter armour we have the Autocannon unit and some Volkite dudes to provide some anti-infantry support.

So now for my Iron Hands I have the following painted:

HQ Centurion in Terminator (92)
HQ Centurion (55)

T 20 Marines (250)
T 15 Marines (210)
T 5 Support Marines with Volkites (125)

H 5 Autocannons (160)
H 5 Volkite Heavy (185)

Total (1077)

The HQs were painted last year but I've still managed to get a good chunk done in just over three weeks. I am resolved to keep plugging away and to get all but the biggest nastiest things (like the Fellblade) painted over the next two months.

So Next up on the painting table is the melta squad and additional tactical marines and also two Forgefathers. I'll probably throw in a solitary quad las that I've got undercoated.

After those? Its gotta be the terminators before finally getting to the fun stuff.



JamieM said...

Good man! We'll have the Isstvan V landings ready to go in no time.

Silverback said...

I will bring the virus bombs

Love the effect