30 Nov 2008

Woo hoooooo 500 pts finished!

Well guys I must admit that it's been a real struggle to find the enthusiasm for this project, however, now I have put the finishing touches to my Valhallan 342nd Regt. 10th co. 1st Veteran platoon I am back on the money.

My other addition is my Hellhound, this nice little piece can lay waste to swathes of horde armies on it's own!

Oh okay, who am I kidding right, they're Guard for Emporers sake, the butt of all jokes to do with getting arses kicked!

I want to change that, if I can...the last few games have seen mixed results, some of the bad ones will go down to a steep learning curve while some of the others are just down to the scariness of the opposing army and it being on me in 1 turn.......poor Guardsmen!

Still...next month sees my HQ choice with 4 Plasma Guns and a Tiger variant of the Leman Russ. Now this should kick butt!!

I hope!! ;-)

My 500 - Done!

Here they are, my 500. The rhino and the three sisters standing in front of it are totally new this month, the others are part of my old army and have been touched up to go with the others (stop sniggering at the back Waple!).

And after my charging rhinos did the business against the Howling Griffons yesterday (mainly due to great dice) that's my month done.

Onto next month then. Now where did I put those exorcists.....

27 Nov 2008

500point Ready!

Ha! Done

These two little babies, along with two full squads of marines and some upgrades takes my points score nicely to 500pts painted!

Huzzah! Feet up for the rest of the month………only three days left? Glad I’m not doing guard. Teehee


26 Nov 2008

My workbench!

As we are posting workbench pics this is my current one. Yes it is very "minimalist" but there is a very good reason for it. As I have a very inquisitive 3 year old I can't leave anything lying around anymore so I had to develop a completely portable painting box and this is the result. The only thing it does not have is spray varnish and paints as that is done outside anyway.

It does have the advantage that I can chuck it in the car boot and do a bit of cleaning up figures in between giving lessons.

20 Nov 2008

Damned attention span, or lack thereof....

Well, I was hoping that I'd be posting my next completed 250 points and my completed pirate crew with this post, but alas it was not to be. "Why not?" I hear you ask "didn't you have today off, you slacker?", well, yes, yes I did. I did really well in the morning, highlighting the pirate crew and getting really close to finishing the sisters, but then the curse of the wargamer struck. I had a "Great Idea For A New Project Before I'd Finished The Last One".

Now when a GIFANPBIFTLO strikes there's really very little you can do. Especially if it's one of those ones that means you use some bits that have been lying around for years because when you bought them you thought "Wow, these things'll be great!!!!" and then more GIFANPBIFTLOs struck after you'd bought them meaning you never actually used them. Well, this was one of those times. I'd had some moulded plasticard sitting around in the garage for years, fully intending to use them at some point and then never doing so. And when I bought the heater for the garage, it came with some squarish polysterene bits (and we all know the only proper response to polystyrene packaging is "Wow, I'll keep these as they'll be really handy one day!").

And so, it struck - I decided to combine the two and make some buildings for use with pirates! Having built the cowboy buildings as shells which were hollow inside, I decided that sticking the moulded plasticard to the buildings would be a great way to speed up the process! So please see attached pictures of the buildings in progress. Just need to wait for them to dry and stick on the AW windows and doors, get some roofs on and then a quick lick of paint and they'll hopefully be ready for next weekend! I've also adde one showing the polystyrene block that I hadn't started when I took the photos. It's now being converted into a grand house though, so hopefully I can get all 4 made in time as well as finishing the pirate crew....

30 days hath November...

The walls are closing in! Only 10 days of November to go. Deadlines for 500 points are very close now. GOG Armageddon approaches!!

GOG With No Name - MIA

Has anyone seen or heard from the GOG with no name.

No posts in a while, no comments and no mails?

Scooby Doo, where are you? Hope all is well and to hear from you soon.

18 Nov 2008

500 Points of Orkiness

So I have put these all together for the one pic to prove there is no photoshop work here.

Yes the second 250 is the same as the first, but hey, it works doesn't it BFG?

It is 8 bikes in 2 squads of 4 (1 to be added to a squad in another 250), 2 Trukks, and 2 Mobs of 11 Orks with a rokkit launcher and a Nob with a Boss Pole and Power Klaw. This is basically the core of my 1750, with another trukk mob to be added later. This gives me mobility, speed and a load of guard killing nasties ready to jump over the side, nick your lunch and chop your head off even before you have checked to see if the Trukk had a valid tax disc.

I have used the new washes all over the place and have a mix of devlan mud and Badab black to bring the flesh and metal to life. After this I highlight and shade as needed. I am really chuffed with the look of the army to date and they ae better that I thought they would be. In addition, they are better in real life, but a close up shows you the look of the flesh. At some point I will write a slightly more detailed write up with stage by stage pics. But settle for the moment with this one!


Royal Navy Boarding Party. well I could hardly call them Pirates

All done and ready to go. In fact it appears that I have enough for two crews to ensure that the BFG doesn't miss out!

I still have the Governer to paint, and I don't mean the Judas that used to play for the hammers.
Are you impressed with the size of that mans chopper?

WorkBench/ Dining Table

In the spirit of things here is my pic!!

As you can see there is a motley collection of Orks, Royal Navy and Cowboy Terrain, including a small corrall!

Workbench Challenge

This is my painting queue, or at least part of the queue. Your challenge for the day is to identify as many units/characters as you can. I think(!) there are 18 not counting the LOTR blister that's sat on the CD player.

Scarily this is not everything. The Easterlings are on a different shelf together with my other Infinity models. Oh and then there's all the stuff that hasn't been built yet... but that's another story!

Daemon 500 Done + Infinity

Enjoyed reading blogs this week so thought I'd add to the explosion of fun. Daemonettes are now completed (save basing) and some piccies are attached for your perusal. So these 10 + a Bloodletter Icon bearer and a 4th Flamer make my 500 points.

You'll also see the starting 7 Infinity models I've been painting for Sir; his Nomad Gang. We've been reading up on it and the forums have been suggesting 200 points is a good starting point for a game. Looking at what he has we reckon another 3 models will be enough to get him to that level so expect him to be scouring Warfare. Meanwhile I've built 3 of my 6 Combined Army models; looking at mine I need 1 more figure to make the points. He'll outnumber me 10 to 7 which isn't good!

Workbench of wonder!

Well, as promised, here's a sneaky look at my workbench/painting table as it stands at the moment. As you'll see from the main picture I have 2 rhinos and 3 sisters as my main task. 1 Rhino for this month and one for next (as it saves time doing them together) and the 3 sisters I need for Novembers unit (the rest will come from the already painted ones that I have, probably with a repaint of the armour to match my newer ones better).

Over the back on the right is more barrels and some sacks and suchlike to be used as scenery for the "legends" games we're currently playing (Old West and High seas). Over the back on the left (and in more detail in the second picture) is my pirate crew - 11 scurvey naves (and navesses) that I'm planning to have ready for the end of November when we'll start using them.

I've also got some undercoated marines & officers, but I'll save them for the next update!

By the pirates is the nurgle CSM rhino hatch with CSM and storm bolter. i finished the rhino about 6 months ago but this part of it has been on my desk for all that time! i really must find time to finish the poor little fella off......

17 Nov 2008

Well my pirates are ready.....

....so what have you slackers been doing??? eh??

Answering natures call

As threatened……

A Toilet!! Yeap the dunny. Perhaps the most over looked piece of old west scenery of all time.

Knocked together from 2mm foamcard which is really good for scoring plank effects into. I wanted to do a test model to see that the foamcard approach would work before setting about making any large pieces. Probably going do water tower as my next project.


12 Nov 2008

Campaign Update

Here's the Battle and Planetary situation at the nearly but not quite mid point of November...

At 250 points best result so far:
Battles Won: VariStat, SilverFox, Eddy, BFG
Battles Lost: Silverback
No Result: No Name

Silverback has won a game at 500 and this will be added to his next month total. To get max points for the first 250 No Name and Silverback need to win a battle in November! Question: Does this game have to be against another GOG? In the interest of fairness I'd say no, it can be against anyone but no Campaign planets can be won/lost etc so no possible bonuses gained. What say you?

BFG = Connery System. Home is Klebb's Love.
Planets Owned (2): Klebb's Love, Largo Rock

Eddy = Lazenby System. Home is Blofeld Spectre.
Planets Owned (4): Blofeld Spectre, Spirit Blunt, Lobe Savalas III, Vesper's Green

SilverBack = Moore System. Home is Katanga Air.
Planets Owned (4): Katanga Air, Scaramanga's Gun, Jaws of Drax, Zorin

VariStat = Dalton System. Home is D'Abo Gold.
Planets Owned (6): D'Abo Gold, Whittaker Arms, Sanchez IV, Coin Zerbe, Wintkidd Forever, Di Vicenzo Fall.

No Name = Brosnan System. Home is Onatopp.
Planets Owned (4): Onatopp, Bean Trevelyan, Zukovsky's Tower, Frost Graves V

SilverFox = Craig System. Home is Mikkelsen Desolation.
Planets Owned (4): Mikkelsen Desolation, Kurylenko VII, Le Chiffre Mort, Goldfinger III

At this stage re-rolls will be calculated at the end of each month to keep admin to a minimum!! I is lazy...

Pirates Ahoy!!

I decided to get ready for some adventures on the high seas now the I’ve nearly finished my gang of piratical ladies. Using the plans from the rulebook (thanks VSM) I cobbled together a dinky little starter ship. Just need to paint it and acquire some cannons and she’ll ready for action!!

As I was in a creative mood I also knocked together some rowing boat type things to use in the game and also as dock scenery.


11 Nov 2008

250pts and 500pts Game Reports

Game 1, Dawn of War, Sieze and Control

250pts of Imperial Guard vs Orks.

Rule 1, never setup just one trukk against 3 squads with heavy bolters.

Rule 2, Dakka Guns are twin linked.

Rule 3, An Imperial Guard HQ of 5 Guys won't beat 12 Orks in Close Combat.

Result, Orks Dead. Game to the BFG

Game 2, Spearhead, Annihalation

500pts of Imperial Guard (incl a Hellhound) vs Orks

Rule 1, Hellhounds are just plain nasty, nasty nasty.

Rule 2, Assaulting stationary vehicles is great, but maybe too great when the vehicle explodes all over the place.

Rule 3, Twin Linked Dakaa Guns are nasty

Result - Imperial Guard wiped out to a sandwich.

No pics due to a CRAFT moment from the two players, hence the clip art to simulate what happened.

5 Nov 2008

First GOG game report!

So, the first doubles GOG games occurred last night in the garage planet of Sulhamstead Hill!

Armies were:

Marky F – IG 2 squad platoon with 3 Hvy bolters & 3 grenade launchers
Boney M – 8 celestians with Hvy flamer and melta in a rhino with palatine(wielding a mighty cutty chainsword thing)
Eddie A – 2 units of 7 rhubarb & custard marines
Silver F – 9 Bloodletters with horatio hornblower and 3 flamers

The battles were preceded with much rejoicing over the new oil fired heater to keep everyone in the garage warm and the rejoicing involved a sing-along about the flamers “Breath of Chaos” power (to the tune of “Bread of Heaven”).

We then diced off to see which of our loyal armies would be heretics and side with Nick and I won/lost that roll ;)

So, I set up the rhino aggressively in the annihilation/pitched battle game and the loyalist scum strung their troops out in a rough line on their side. Our turn one consisted of Nick’s chosen turn 1 daemon unit (the ‘letters) deciding they were busy so the flamers turned up instead. The appeared right next to a unit of 7 marines and didn’t scatter. The shooting phase consisted of those seven marines getting toasted for 21 (3 flamer templates x all 7 hit by each = 21!) hits which unsurprisingly finished them.

The loyalists then destroyed the flamers in their turn and spanged some shots off the rhino hull. 1 KP each at this point then.

My sisters then hurtled forward (the ‘letters decided they weren’t interested in turning up again), popped out in front of a guard squad & command squad and flamed & shot them pretty much to death over the next couple of turns for no casualties in return.

Nick’s Bloodletters only turned up on turn 5 (!) but then excelled themselves by making 6 out of 7 5+ saves from shooting! By this point the sisters were embroiled in a fist fight with the other marine unit which promised to last a while. However, the dice gods decreed that the game should end there and the Daemon/Sisters won by 3-1 KPs.

As this was a quick game we then swapped and it was now an all power armour combo of marines/sisters in a spearhead seize and control mission against the heretic guard.

This game consisted of the sisters popping out of their rhino to take out the unit of 9 ‘letters in one shooting phase, then doing the same to a guard unit in the next shooting phase and then having the same done to them by the flamers in the next turn with the same result! (see pics).

Whilst all this was going on, the marines had waded up the middle through a hail of fire and lost 4 of their number to flashlight shots! They then piled into the Guard & delivered the beat down in combat (see pic) before finishing the last couple of flamers
This all meant that we’d wiped out our opponents (good job really as we had ignored the objectives) so a win for the rhubarb & custard and sister force.

Learning points from the game?

Flamers are super hard when they hit (so much so that there were mutterings from Jenkin of 3 units of 3 in the final list instead of 1!)

I rather like heavy flamers

Freeth's guard couldn't hit their ar$e with a banjo ;)

Points System Change

Just a quick note to say that after discussion tonight we've decided to drop the Army Vote. We've done this as it's going to be logistically difficult to get all 6 armies together so we can vote; and we don't like difficult.

Photos just don't do the armies justice either so best not to try.

That leaves us with:
Painting - 2 points max
Photos & GOG Post - 1 point
Battle Win - 3 points
Battle Draw - 2 points
Battle Loss - 1 point

SilverBack - Is there a good Table Gadget we could stick in the top left to keep track of our Tale League?

3 Nov 2008

Bring your Governers Daughter to the ....

Well the majority of Royal Navy gang/crew/posse/army are now complete. I just have the crew of the ship to do.

I loved doing the marines, and I certainly enjoyed doing the governers daughter........... ahem yes.

Anyway, as usual our camera doesn't really cut the mustard with the up close and personal photos of the minis - but here they are. Please excuse the basing - another job to do!


As we enter November you'll be ready to try out your first 250 points in battles in the Braggina Riteous system; the draw was made last week so here are the systems each of you calls home:

BFG: Connery
Eddy: Lazenby
Silverback: Moore
Varistat: Dalton
No Name: Brosnan
SilverFox: Craig

Each of you will need to pick a home planet so expect an email shortly. The email will also contain all the planets. All you need to do after your battles is post here with which planet you fought over and the result so that I can keep track of it all and ensure no confusion!

Ensure you post the battle report here for all to see and to make sure you don't miss those Bragging Rights!! Pictures if you can as well please...!

October Round Up

A reminder of the points available each month...

Painting: 1/2 done = 1 (no definition of 1/2 done other than not complete. Each case as it comes up)
Painting: all done = 1/2 done point + 1 extra
GOG Post with Pictures = 1 (even if 1/2 done you can still get a point by posting pics before end of month)
Battle Win: 3
Battle Draw: 2
Battle Loss: 1
Army Vote: up to 3

So for October there are no battles so here is what I reckon so far:
Silverback, SilverFox, GOG with No Name, Eddy, BFG:
Painting = 2
Pictures = 1

Painting = 1 (it must have been 1/2 done? mustn't it?)
Pictures = 1

This leaves us with the GOG vote. Do we reckon that Varistat's entry can be entered for this as it was late? I'll send out a quick email to work out how we do the vote.

I reckon we can include it as it is ready well before we have a chance to vote. Hey don't look at me I'm making this up as I go along!!

Edit: Added extra point for Varistat and comment re GOG Vote

2 Nov 2008

Just a little late.....

......But here they are!

8 Celestians, 1 Palatine and their rhino, snapped while still drying on my painting desk.

Why are they late? Well, essentially a combination of only chooing my army 2 weeks into October, making scenery for Cowboys and a busy end to October cutting into my painting time. Still, I decided to not rush them in the time I did have as I knew that I had this weekend to work on them, so I decided to submit them late instead.

Rather enjoyed doing this lot and I decided to try layering on the cloaks to make them a little different and try to improve my skills by trying a new technique that I hadn't really tried before. I discovered whilst doing my cowboy posse that small numbers of models give you a great opportunity to just try new stuff without worrying as to whether it's a simple enough technique to replicate across a whole army. As the Celestians were to have different colour cloaks to the rest of the sisters I decided to try it on them. Took me quite a bit of time, but I'm pleased with the result and have learnt a fair bit about colour variations of the layers for next time.