12 Nov 2008

Campaign Update

Here's the Battle and Planetary situation at the nearly but not quite mid point of November...

At 250 points best result so far:
Battles Won: VariStat, SilverFox, Eddy, BFG
Battles Lost: Silverback
No Result: No Name

Silverback has won a game at 500 and this will be added to his next month total. To get max points for the first 250 No Name and Silverback need to win a battle in November! Question: Does this game have to be against another GOG? In the interest of fairness I'd say no, it can be against anyone but no Campaign planets can be won/lost etc so no possible bonuses gained. What say you?

BFG = Connery System. Home is Klebb's Love.
Planets Owned (2): Klebb's Love, Largo Rock

Eddy = Lazenby System. Home is Blofeld Spectre.
Planets Owned (4): Blofeld Spectre, Spirit Blunt, Lobe Savalas III, Vesper's Green

SilverBack = Moore System. Home is Katanga Air.
Planets Owned (4): Katanga Air, Scaramanga's Gun, Jaws of Drax, Zorin

VariStat = Dalton System. Home is D'Abo Gold.
Planets Owned (6): D'Abo Gold, Whittaker Arms, Sanchez IV, Coin Zerbe, Wintkidd Forever, Di Vicenzo Fall.

No Name = Brosnan System. Home is Onatopp.
Planets Owned (4): Onatopp, Bean Trevelyan, Zukovsky's Tower, Frost Graves V

SilverFox = Craig System. Home is Mikkelsen Desolation.
Planets Owned (4): Mikkelsen Desolation, Kurylenko VII, Le Chiffre Mort, Goldfinger III

At this stage re-rolls will be calculated at the end of each month to keep admin to a minimum!! I is lazy...


Silverback said...

Righto! I will have to sneak a quick game in with someone at the end of the month. Either that or play with the missus.............

Von said...

** not going to lower the tone. not. no. **

erm you need to get a win mate so not the missus..... ;-)