2 Nov 2008

Just a little late.....

......But here they are!

8 Celestians, 1 Palatine and their rhino, snapped while still drying on my painting desk.

Why are they late? Well, essentially a combination of only chooing my army 2 weeks into October, making scenery for Cowboys and a busy end to October cutting into my painting time. Still, I decided to not rush them in the time I did have as I knew that I had this weekend to work on them, so I decided to submit them late instead.

Rather enjoyed doing this lot and I decided to try layering on the cloaks to make them a little different and try to improve my skills by trying a new technique that I hadn't really tried before. I discovered whilst doing my cowboy posse that small numbers of models give you a great opportunity to just try new stuff without worrying as to whether it's a simple enough technique to replicate across a whole army. As the Celestians were to have different colour cloaks to the rest of the sisters I decided to try it on them. Took me quite a bit of time, but I'm pleased with the result and have learnt a fair bit about colour variations of the layers for next time.


Silverback said...

Very nice indeed - but why are they all of an ethnic origin? Is there a deep meaningful reason or is it that you don't like painting flesh tones?

Like the rhine which will match perfectly with your Exorcists!

Von said...

Ah yes, it's the Obama Ladies! Followers of the well known deity - Barak the Emperor.

JamieM said...

Two reasons for the skin tone really. The first is to be a little different and have a little rebellion against the GW tag line for 40k:

"In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future....There is only War.....And white people".

What is that about? GW seem to paint no darker skin tones at all (apart from the odd Catachan). Even the one space marine chapter which regularly had dark skin, the salamanders, recently had their history changed and their skin tone is now "night-black" with red eyes and it's apparently due to a combination of the marine special implant thingies and the air on their homeworld. WTF? Str8ike one for the GW "Book of the Retronomican"

Right, rant over.

The second reason (you'd forgotten that there was a second reason whilst reading my rant hadn't you?) is that it reduces the number of washes I need to do to paint them to 2 (black and blue/green) from 3 (those two plus brown if I went for "Elf Flesh").


Silverback said...

I agree totally on the ethnicity issue and I had noted it myself.

What about the chineese in the world of the future