11 Nov 2008

250pts and 500pts Game Reports

Game 1, Dawn of War, Sieze and Control

250pts of Imperial Guard vs Orks.

Rule 1, never setup just one trukk against 3 squads with heavy bolters.

Rule 2, Dakka Guns are twin linked.

Rule 3, An Imperial Guard HQ of 5 Guys won't beat 12 Orks in Close Combat.

Result, Orks Dead. Game to the BFG

Game 2, Spearhead, Annihalation

500pts of Imperial Guard (incl a Hellhound) vs Orks

Rule 1, Hellhounds are just plain nasty, nasty nasty.

Rule 2, Assaulting stationary vehicles is great, but maybe too great when the vehicle explodes all over the place.

Rule 3, Twin Linked Dakaa Guns are nasty

Result - Imperial Guard wiped out to a sandwich.

No pics due to a CRAFT moment from the two players, hence the clip art to simulate what happened.


Von said...

I'm going to regret this: what's CRAFT?

I'm not looking forward to facing a Hellhound; templates and deep-striking Daemons do not mix well particularly when my average running speed is 2.

What's in your 500 Silverback?

Silverback said...

C - Can't
R - Remember
A - A
F - Feffing
T - Thing

My 500 is strangely Identical to my 250 in every way possible!!!!

As to your new rules I need to have an HQ done in December. As my HQ is Wazdakka Gutsmek, its a good job I ordered one from Forgeworld ready to go!!!

BFG said...

OMG he's ordered a Mek on a Jetbike.....the normal Ork bikers hurt enough, even without things like him!!!

Not looking forward to the 1,000 pt battles, mind you by then i'll have my first Tiger I done for the Pseudo Leman Russ Battle Tank. So I hope to give out some payback to those nasty little Orks.

I have to say that the Orks are very nasty and that SB has done a great job on the assembly and painting. he's right, the previous photos do not do them justice.

Perhaps a write up on your painting technique with the washes etc would be good mate....they look really cool.