12 Nov 2008

Pirates Ahoy!!

I decided to get ready for some adventures on the high seas now the I’ve nearly finished my gang of piratical ladies. Using the plans from the rulebook (thanks VSM) I cobbled together a dinky little starter ship. Just need to paint it and acquire some cannons and she’ll ready for action!!

As I was in a creative mood I also knocked together some rowing boat type things to use in the game and also as dock scenery.



Silverback said...

Very very nice indeed as we come to expect from you.

As for cannons, you can get some from Crusader Miniatures, 4 cannons for £5.

Or £7.50 for one with two figures from Black Scorpion.

I would be interested in sharing some ordering costs if you order some - maybe for collection at warfare?

Eddy Artillery said...

I was going to pick some up at Warfare - they were already on the list.

Ahhh I've got a list. Thats bad.


BFG said...

Mate, your description during the battle last night certainly did not do these justice...they are excellent Eddy.....well done mate.

Von said...

Those Marine drop pods have changed a bit haven't they?

Good stuff Eddy; now I can't wait to have a go at pirates. More time spent away from painting Daemons...