30 Nov 2008

My 500 - Done!

Here they are, my 500. The rhino and the three sisters standing in front of it are totally new this month, the others are part of my old army and have been touched up to go with the others (stop sniggering at the back Waple!).

And after my charging rhinos did the business against the Howling Griffons yesterday (mainly due to great dice) that's my month done.

Onto next month then. Now where did I put those exorcists.....


BFG said...

Hwuuuuuurrrr sends a shiver down my lil Guardsmans spine!!

We'll be good....honest Miss!

Silverback said...

They will give you a hot licking with that holy fire!

Eddy Artillery said...

Dear Emperor

For Christmas I would dearly appreciate it if you see fit to have a word with the techie boys and persuade them that Space Marine Power Armour would actually benefit from the addition of some sort of flame retardant material.

Especially as I got my butt roasted by those pesky sisters!!


Mr H Griffon

JamieM said...

Dear Mr H Griffon,

Surely having a 3+ save is quite enough isn't it? It's not like you'll roll 5 1s & 2s in a row for your combat squads armour saves now is it?


T H E Emperor