18 Nov 2008

Workbench Challenge

This is my painting queue, or at least part of the queue. Your challenge for the day is to identify as many units/characters as you can. I think(!) there are 18 not counting the LOTR blister that's sat on the CD player.

Scarily this is not everything. The Easterlings are on a different shelf together with my other Infinity models. Oh and then there's all the stuff that hasn't been built yet... but that's another story!


Silverback said...

Right then - From the right:
1 x Daemon Prince
4 x Bases of Nurglings
5 x Screamers
1 x Blood Crusher
Skull Taker
10 x Chaos Space Marines
Lord of Change
5 x Flamers
11 x Possessed
Soul Gridner
5 x Chaos Terminators
5 x Gaunts
8 x Genestealers
1 x Rhino
1 x Ushabti (on Rhino for a bonus point)
1 x Carnifex

The hard on is the Chaos Character on the far left:

Could be a wulfen with that wide arm pose, and the chaos back pack. I think Nick is deliberately confusing us with the 40mm bases. On close scrutiny you can see the thousand sons egyptian helmet, so I believe this to be a converted Chaos Lord or a world eaters aspiring champion.

Further bonus points claimed for

Shoulder Pads from the Daemon Prince
Extra pieces of armour from the Defiler/Soul Grinder
2 x Jaffa Cakes
1 x Hoggosaurus Bag
A No 12 Objective Counter from a GW Campaign Weekend

Von said...

Very good. Not quite there with the Character though.

And there are only 10 possessed so, erm, slight cock up by me there - I think there's a rogue sorceror in amongst them!

Hmm, not sure why the no12 objective marker is there but sure there's a damn fine reason.

So - can you identify the Band and title of the CD sat under the LoTR blister?

Silverback said...

Oh that was easy, if fact so easy I didn't want to mention it.

I believe to be the album you have played so much you have worn out.

"Burt Baccarach covers the hits of Eminem"

JamieM said...

Taking into account your music taste and most likely listening music whilst you paint....

Is it Celine Dion with the album that includes that song from "Titanic"?

Or Keith Harris and Orville with "I wish I could fly"?

JamieM said...

Isn't it creepy that Silverback and I were both typing pretty much the same comment at the same time? ;)

Silverback said...

We know him so well!!!

BFG said...

That all looks quite daunting! Bloody hell i thought mine looked cramped!!

BFG said...

And.....how could you see the Hard on from there????? He must be a Slaanesh hero!!

Silverback said...

Damn mistype which I couldn't work how to edit out!

Von said...

For the character think Tzeentch and you'd arrive at Ahriman. He's been built for nearly 2 years now without seeing paint. Really must boost him up the queue just so I can reach 3000 points that bit quicker.

So close with the CD guesses as well. Keith Harris and Orville do Eminem to the soundtrack of Titanic as performed by Burt Baccarach. Obviously!